Cooking with Redmond – Steamed Coconut Buns

Cooking with Redmond – Steamed Coconut Buns

I bet we all love a good dessert after our main meal of the day; something sweet, moreish and ideally easy to prepare. Lately we have been trying to cut down on the number of cakes we munch our way through, a littleJ. So as a distraction I have ventured into the world of steaming and have experimented with some healthier dessert options. We used our Redmond Multicooker to prepare some coconut buns… If you never heard about multicookers, they are actually pretty clever machines which let you cook, bake, shallow and deep fry and of course steam all in one utility… very minimalistic; if you missed my full review you can read it here… Now, back to the buns… well as it turned out our steamed coconut buns couldn’t be easier to make. They are totally fool proof and can be adapted to suit any taste.


For the buns:

  • 400g tin of coconut milk
  • 2 empty coconut tins of self-raising flour
  • Pinch of salt
  • 1tsp bicarbonate soda

For the filling:

  • 50g dehydrated coconut
  • 1tbsp golden syrup


  • 2tsp light cane sugar
  • 1tsp cinnamon


Let’s start with the filling…

Cooking with Redmond - Steamed Coconut Buns

Whichever you are going for, all you need to do it to mix the ingredients together, so you either mix coconut with golden syrup (messy business but don’t give up… they will combine eventually, much easier if you warm the golden syrup up first) or the sugar and cinnamon.

Then prepare 10 muffin cases (we used silicone ones, if you are opting for paper ones double them, just in case). Our steamer basket will only take 5 at a time, so if you want you can make just a half sized batch and steam them all in one go or like us you will have to steam them in two batches.

Now, for the buns themselves…

Pour the coconut milk into a food processor or a large bowl if you will be using your hands.

Then how handy is this… just use the empty coconut milk tin to measure out the self-raising flour; sift two full tins into your coconut milk.

Add the salt and bicarbonate soda and mix until you achieve a smooth dough.

Place the dough on a lightly floured surface and work until you can shape it. It is very sticky and messy dough but it is worth it, wet your hands with some water to help minimise the stickiness 🙂

Cooking with Redmond - Steamed Coconut Buns #cookingwithredmond

Split your dough into 10 equal parts (more or less), roll them out into thin flat rectangles and fill either with your coconut or cinnamon mixture, then take one of the short ends and start to roll until you end up with a log in your hand. Squish the ends over to seal up the ends. Your bun should be fairly ball shaped by now from all the working, just simply place it into one of the muffin cases and repeat the whole process with the next piece of dough.

Place your filled muffin cases in a single layer into a steamer basket. Remember not to overfill your muffin cases; the buns will grow and if you have added too much mixture they will end up sticking to your Redmond lid once they are full cooked.

Cooking with Redmond – Steamed Coconut Buns #cookingwithredmond

Fill the main cooking bowl with 800ml of water, as per the steaming instructions.

Place the steaming basket, filled with your buns, on top and close the lid.

Cooking with Redmond #cookingwithredmond

Turn your multicooker on and pre-set to Steam (we used Steam vegetables); set the time for 10 minutes.

Cooking with Redmond

It will take about 10-12 minutes for the timer to start counting down… but don’t worry your buns are safe there.

Once the program is up, remove the buns from the steaming basket and load again with the remaining five buns and repeat the cooking, or should I say steaming, process.

1.Cooking with Redmond – Steamed Coconut Buns 2. Cooking with Redmond – Steamed Coconut Buns

The buns are light and fluffy. They aren’t overwhelmingly sweet (unless you have seriously overfilled them with goodies). They make for a lovely afternoon treat and can be eaten on their own or with the addition of a spread of your choice.

Remember also, this is a very versatile recipe. Simply remove the sweet elements to have a simple plain, albeit coconut flavoured, bun as a base for building on. You can also add a spicy filling to take your buns down the savoury route to dinner. The options are as good as your imagination.

So, what do you think?

Do you like our twist on coconut steamed buns?

*Recipe commissioned by Redmond
**Recipe based on Jamie Oliver 15 minutes Coconut Steamed Buns

22 thoughts on “Cooking with Redmond – Steamed Coconut Buns

  1. Having won the Redmond Pressure Multicooker, like you I am equally impressed with how versatile these machines are. Thanks for pointing me to the Savoy cabbage recipe and now I have seen these buns, I shall definitely try them! The look delicious!
    I have never baked a lighter cake than the coffee and ginger sponge I invented last week – the Redmond is amazing! =)

  2. My goodness, these buns looks very delicious. Coconut buns are always yummy and I love the way it is steamed. The Redmond Steam looks so perfect for preparing such wonderful steaming foods. Will check it out for sure.

  3. I’ve never seen a Multicooker in person before. This is pretty cool, I would definitely be willing to check it out. P.S. I love coconut! 🙂

  4. That sounds SO good. I have never even heard of a steamed coconut bun before, but it sounds awesome.

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