Father’s Day Gift Guide for a Foodie

Father’s Day Gift Guide for a Foodie

Father’s Day is upon us yet again, how quickly the year whizzes past us. So another day of celebration and another day of head scratching as we yet again try and work out what to get them that will be awesome and at the same time not break the bank. Now for some of us out there it will be an easy call, your father has a hobby so you’re going to get something specific to that end; for others maybe your father is trying to give up smoking so an e-cig kit will be called for or some exotic juice to smoke. For others maybe it’s a timing magic and that their favourite band, show or comedian is in town and tickets are still available, again an easy call.

For the rest of us, well we are screwed and as such have to come up with that present of awesomeness that must surely exist out there somewhere…

As many of my readers will know I like reading top 5 lists, they can inspire all sorts of tangents when thinking of what to get. You may see something on the list that is just perfect or maybe it’s close to what would be perfect and so you brain thinks “ahh but what about a…..” so yes, lists can be good and too that end I am going to throw my hat, or at least a list, into the ring for others consideration.

Flash Party – No to little money

Got no money but heaps of spare time? Well you’re obviously computer literate enough to have found my list to read so you’re online and connected; a good start. So connect to your twitter friends, your Facebook friends and organise a flash party or flash event prepare the food in advance than pick a spot where you know he will be and do a pop up party, if you have been secretive enough it will catch your father out and be an epic, potentially memorable, event. Video it and bang it on Youtube and internet stardom could befall you, stranger things have happened.

Beef Jerky – Little money

What can be more primal than a beef jerky… take your father back in time to the old days when cave men pulled chunks of meat off of the woolly mammoth (although in this day and age its more likely to be a plastic wrapper) and sat there chewing, happy days.

Posh Chocs – Little to heaps of money

Everyone loves posh chocolate and they don’t come much posher than the chocolates you can find at the online boutique lamaisonduchocolat.co.uk. From the moment you see the packaging you know you’re are dealing with a company that takes its subject very seriously. Then taste the chocolate itself….. heaven. Prices start from as little as £20 for a collection, which is not a lot of money if you say it very quickly 🙂

Personal Chef for the night – Splurge for the night

All fathers go through life with the mistaken thought that they are the alpha dog in their house and most women know that is just not the case. However it suits us perfectly that they keep this thought. So what better present than one that supports that notion. Rather than be like other lesser mortals and actually go to a restaurant, oh no your father has obviously been elevated well beyond that level, in fact elevated to the point that now the restaurant comes to him! Well at least the chef part will and cook you a truly memorable meal in your kitchen.

Primo Smoker – Money no object

There is definitely something primal about fire and there is something definitely primal about meat and fire in combination for a man. Now a Primo may be the Rolls Royce of backyard cookers but it can cook anything and delivers it with the mouth drooling taste of wood-smoke that just makes even the simplest foods taste heavenly. There are also countless other smokers out there that are good and suited to any budget.

Failing all that there is always the usual socks, aftershave, bathrobe option but you won’t get any brownie points or receive any bear hugs.

Have you bought a gift for Father’s Day already?

If so, what did you get?

7 thoughts on “Father’s Day Gift Guide for a Foodie

  1. Great ideas, I wouldn’t have thought of any of these! My Dads really into photography and I find it hard to find any nice gifts that aren’t really expensive x

  2. I haven’t bought a gift yet but I am thinking about 3D pen – I featured this on my blog in my Father’s day gift ideas. I always leave things to the last moment but lucky me, back in my home country, father’s day is on 23rd 😀



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