#OrganicBeauty – Campaign for Clarity

#OrganicBeauty – The Soil Association’s Campaign for ClarityHave you ever wondered if that organic product standing on the shelf in your bathroom is truly organic?

Currently there is no legislation governing products labelled as organic; if the product contains just 1% of an organic ingredient it can be labelled as such but this isn’t really organic is it?

It’s really puzzling… once you start reading the labels instead of clarity and peace of mind most of the time you are met with confusion. I wish things were much simpler.

Wendy Stirling, founder of the multi-award-winning beauty brand Botanicals, is passionate about natural and organic beauty. She is sharing her tips on how to select true natural and organic skincare products:

  • Select products that are certified by key natural and organic certification bodies.
  • Check the ingredients list carefully avoiding any synthetic or chemical ingredients and opting for natural and a high percentage of organic ingredients instead.
  • See whether the company has won any awards and been recognised for its commitment to the natural and/or organic skincare industry.
  • Research how a natural and organic product is made. Usually they are produced with care, passion and dedication and in smaller batches, for greater quality products with better quality ingredients and enhanced benefits for skin.
  • Organic skincare products are usually no more expensive than many ‘luxury brands’ and, in many cases, provide comparable if not superior results, as well as being safer and kinder to your skin.

I have had the pleasure of using Botanicals products and I have no reservation of any kind in recommending them to others. Botanicals creates real natural products which are formulated with our beauty, health and wellbeing in mind by harvesting the pure power of plants. Botanicals has its entire range certified by the Soil Association.

Botanicals’ Soil Association Organic Certification Commitment:

  • no synthetic, petrochemical or toxic ingredients used
  • only certified organic ingredients
  • or ingredients from substantially produced natural resources
  • safe ingredients, both from a human and environmental perspective
  • fully biodegradable ingredients that are also certified non-GM
  • reassurance there is minimum processing of ingredients
  • clear labelling for informed choices about what to buy
  • strict ethics based on personal & environmental health & wellbeing

How many other brand can show such a commitment to being truly organic?

On 14th September, Organic Beauty Week will start with a Twitter Takeover and a Thunderclap of tweets surrounding this issue. Botanicals is showing its support for the Soil Association by using Botanicals’ blog and social media sites to promote the benefits of clarity in the organic skincare industry. Why not join in and help spread the word? Share your thoughts and campaign for clarity in the natural and organic beauty industry using #organicbeauty and #campaign4clarity.

Will you be joining in?

19 thoughts on “#OrganicBeauty – Campaign for Clarity

  1. I’ve never really been bothered with organic products, food or beauty. But it’s great when a company has values and truly sticks to them, so many companies have them but bend them for profit.

  2. This is very interesting. I’ve heard this range is fab but have never tried it myself. I hardly ever believe what is written on bottles and always go for the ingredients list. It is great to know these are true to their word though.

  3. I agree totally with this! I am allergic to loads of products and have had severe allergic reations to Olay products and am even allergic to some toilet rolls and sanitary products! It often says that they are environmentally friendly, but this is referring to what waste goes into the system from the factory, it doesn’t say what is actually in the product. It’s a major bug-bear for me that they don’t have to list their ingredients in full.

I love all comments :-)