Vineabox comes to UK

Vineabox is a French wine subscription service which has just launched its service in the United Kingdom under the trading name Wine & Sympathy.

After 3 years of successful trading Vineabox has expanded into cheese, so now in addition to wine they also offer an artisan cheese selection. Both wine and cheese can now be ordered in the UK.

Vineabox comes to UK - Wine & SympathySo how does it work?

Well, it is pretty straight forward – you make your pick – wine or cheese or both: wine and a cheese box – you select the subscription length, pay and wait for your delivery 🙂

All subscriptions can be taken on a 3, 6 or 12 month’s basis… obviously the longer the subscription the lower the price per item.

There is four choices of subscription: 2 bottles of wine, 3 bottles of wine, 4 cheeses or 2 bottles of wine and 4 cheeses every month.

It’s well worth noting that this isn’t just any old wine and certainly not any old cheese.

Wine & Sympathy has a partnership with Franck Thomas, regarded as the best Sommelier of 2000 in France and Europe. Franck selects wines that should delight subscribers. They focus on the artisan winemakers, from the renowned regions to the more remote ones. Most wines are sourced within France itself.

The products provided by Wine & Sympathy are designed to enrich our world and knowledge about wine and cheese. They aren’t meant to be drink or eaten alone after dinner; they supposed to be tasted and discussed with friends and family to promote discovery.

The subscription service isn’t cheap – the 3 bottles of wine subscription starts at £46.90 for three months going down to £42.90 if taken for the year so if you are after a £5 bottle of wine this service simply isn’t for you. Wine & Sympathy are after real wine and cheese lovers, people with passion who are eager to discover new flavours.

Vineabox comes to UK – Wine & SympathyI was provided with their latest mix box, which contained a wonderful selection of wines as follow:

  • Spanish red, bursting with berry flavours
  • French Rosé with a grapefruit nose
  • French fruity white packed with peach flavours

If you like wine and cheese, above just considering them as nutritional sustenance and something to swig with dinner, then I would suggest you should check them out, I highly recommend them. When people have gone to so much trouble to match up a culinary pairing such as this (that can so easily go wrong) you have to respect them and what’s more relish in their achievement when they get it right and in my opinion Wine & Sympathy have got it right.


Vineabox comes to UK -- Wine & SympathyHave you ever considered a subscription service for posh nosh?

Fancy throwing a dinner party to sample and chat about wine and cheese?

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