Insects – Food of the Future

You know the feeling… your other half comes home all passionately extolling the virtues of their latest and greatest idea that they want to research and get involved in… now, sometimes you think to yourself that actually sounds quite cool or interesting and then there are the times your heart sinks and you fight back a slight urge to projectile vomit… Unfortunately I have just had the pleasure of the latter sensation….

Mark has reached that age where Radio 4 is the go to station for entertainment in the car, he has even considered breaking of the tuning button to stop anyone changing the channel, a big “no no” it would seem. Well, he arrived home yesterday from work with three word on his lips, “Let’s eat insects!” He then proceeded to spend the evening trying to convince me it’s the way forward for both us and in fact the globe…

Insects – Food of the FutureBless Radio 4, they ran a programme all about eating insects and my Mark has caught the bug, sorry that one just slipped out…

His main argument being that 2 billion people have already discovered the joy of eating insects and both survive and indeed thrive on doing so, that many people can’t be wrong. So I can look forward in the future evidently to cricket flour cookies, deep fried grasshoppers, mealworm humus and beetle soup, gulp.

As it goes eating insects is not such a crazy idea, well outside of Europe and America. I am reliably informed that they eat spiders in Peru, flying ants in Zambia, and grasshoppers and crickets are common in Asia.

Taking into consideration the exploding numbers of humans on the planet (we are going in number by some 12,000 extra persons an hour at present) and the impact that feeding us all on the planet is an ever growing deep concern. We cannot scale traditional food stocks to keep pace as we are running out of workable arable land to keep the cows and grow the cereals we all so crave. Governments around the world are not investing anywhere near enough into research to help resolve the problem and private companies who are, are obviously only going to pursue the options that are deemed the most profitable for themselves. So the problem is going to end up being acute before, as always, humanity acts.

So there you have it, I am about to add creepy crawlies to my menu I am informed, my only hope for salvation is that sourcing the ingredients in rural England may prove a block for him which he can’t overcome. That or I get hours of enjoyment watching him run around the garden with a butterfly net trying to catch the skinny little things we have for visitors.

Rest assured, if this idea grows legs (sorry… again), I shall keep you informed every step of the journey as I am sure you will be excited by any recipe we come up with, I know I am…. I think…

Have you ever eaten any insects or insect based dishes?

Does the idea even appeal given that one day it may be the only source of protein normal people can afford even in this country?

7 thoughts on “Insects – Food of the Future

  1. You’ll have to watch the food programme that went back in time and then into the future at the end. Basically, there is too much meat consumption in the world, and it’s not so good for the land or the air, so they are now already making insect burgers, insect flour, Infact….you name it they have already made it with insects. It’s going to be considered normal when our grandkids have grown up. It actually makes complete sense. They take up far less room, they are killed more humanely as they are freeze dried, it’s very quick, and then they are crushed and they breed so much quicker and more!

  2. Did you read my mind? I saw a documentary 2 weeks ago covering this and this morning i finally got around to drafting some information it in. BAM you’re in first and you did it better then me!

    Well written, well informed love the article!

    Apparently Thailand eat so many bugs (for every meal) that they have to import bugs because the 100,000 tonnes they produce isn’t enough! I’ve heard a lot of ‘fancy’ restaurants use bugs as seasoning (ground into dust) and used for batters and things. I think we’re just not used to seeing it..Give it 30 years I bet it’ll become ‘trendy’ and it’d be considered odd not to have tried them.

I love all comments :-)