Home Décor – The Humble Shelf

Shelf – a flat length of wood or rigid material, attached to a wall or forming part of a piece of furniture, that provides a surface for the storage or display of objects… it doesn’t sounds very sexy, does it?… when in fact some shelves can be super sexy, stylish and even breath-taking!

Home Décor – The Humble ShelfLately we found ourselves spending a lot of time thinking of ways to revamp our house as a whole… don’t get me wrong, our house is perfectly fine but we are running (wrong tense I am sure) out of storage space… various sized things seem to be continuously popping through the letter box and/or door and so as we stand at this moment we can’t store much (any) more and the whole issue is compounded by the fact I am an alleged hoarder… end result there are two possibilities, either we need a serious de-cluttering session or we need to re-think and change some of our storage spaces.

Mark and I hardly ever agree on things from the get go but we always end up in agreement but in this instance we both agreed from the start that shelves was the way to go… they allow your room to look far more airy yet still provide valuable storage, which at this point we so desperately need.

I was browsing the net for inspiration and I came across some truly awesome shelving units… as they impressed me so much I’ve decided to share them with you… just in case you have a storage problem too and are stuck for ideas.

Home Décor – The Humble Shelf – Corner shelvesCorner shelves
Looking at our corners most of them present themselves as a dead space… there is nothing there… such a shame… I love these three idea for corner shelving units… not only they will give us a great project but they will also make the house look much more funky 🙂

Home Décor – The Humble Shelf – Understairs ShelvesUnderstairs shelves
This is yet another space is our house which is totally unused at this moment… I really have no idea why we didn’t consider making something with this space earlier… there is so many possibilities!

Home Décor – The Humble Shelf – Wall art shelvesWall art shelves
OMG some of them are so beautiful! My office walls, all but one, are totally bare. Seeing some of these amazing shelves gave me so many ideas on new office look. I can’t wait to for some new super funky arty shelf to appear on my office wall.

Home Décor – The Humble Shelf – Self-standing art shelvesSelf-standing art shelves
Well this is one category of shelves which at this moment we will most likely won’t be able to put in our house as they take too much of our limited floor space, but who knows maybe one day in the future we could use it as a room divider… maybe…

What are your thoughts about the humble shelf?

Do you agree that they are the way to go in order to maximise storage space in the house?

*Pictures Source: Corner: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 Understairs: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 Wall Art: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 Self-standing: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4
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  1. My home would be over decorate with shelves! I absolutely love them and they’re so versatile like all those photos show. Great ideas to keep in mind for the future.

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