#EverydayWins with Bosch – It’s all about convenience

Till date I have had quite a bit of time to fully test my Bosch Athlet ProAnimal and if I had to describe it in just one word it would be convenience. My Athlet has it all and it allows me to clean without any difficulties even in the most hidden and small spaces.

#EverydayWins with Bosch – It’s all about convenienceBosch Athlet ProAnimal in Tornado Red comes with an entire accessory pack, which contains all you need to be able to perform your vacuuming task with ease. It comes with all of the following:

  • Long handle#EverydayWins with Bosch It’s all about convenience
  • Short handle
  • Main floor brush
  • Carry Strap
  • Brush roll
  • Spare pet brush roll
  • Flexible long hose
  • Upholstery nozzle
  • Crevice nozzle
  • Upholstery crevice nozzle

So depending on what task you need to perform you can use it either as an upright vacuum or a handheld one… with one huge bonus, the shoulder strap, which means that you don’t have to actually keep it in your hand. At first I wasn’t sure about wearing the vacuum on my back but it actually works very well. It is leaving me with two hands to operate, one to vacuum and the other to move any obstructions I might meet on my vacuuming journey.  It does makes things super easy. One thing to remember Athlet is super light, at only 3kg it will not put any strain on your back or shoulders. Once you get used to it you will be reluctant to go back to the more traditional way of vacuuming.

#EverydayWins with Bosch - It’s all about convenience#EverydayWins with Bosch -- It’s all about convenienceBoth handles, a long one for upright operation and a short one for the handheld version, have 3 levels of cleaning power. I’ve noticed that I hardly ever use level three when the vacuum is in the upright mode as it is simply too powerful (it can lift up small carpets or even lino flooring, so yes, that powerful in case you were wondering) but I do use level 3 when in handheld mode.

#EverydayWins with Bosch - It’s all about convenienceI would like to focus for a moment on the main floor tool as it is quite an interesting one. The main tool has a space for a brush roll. The brush roll includes a lot of coarse fibres whose job is to capture all the hairs belonging to both pets and humans. So far so good but it doesn’t sound any different really to any other floor tool out there, does it? But there is a twist! The roll is removable! Simply unclip the lock button and it will slide out from the main tool ready to be cleaned. The roll has a small groove in the middle helping to you guide your scissors for ease of cleaning. It might not sound like much but trust me, it makes the world of difference when you try to clean it.

With all those accessories at your fingertips you are ready for any vacuuming job around the house, pet hairs, spider webs lurking in the far up corners of the room or small grains of sand stuck by the skirting boards… Athlet will take care of it all. There are no more safe places for the dirt to hide.

Which places cause you the most trouble whilst cleaning your house?

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