Who / What Am I? 15/08

Good afternoon everyone!

Today I would like to start with a special question for you.

When sharing isn’t a good idea?

You might think that sharing is a positive thing, it is sign of kindness and love and good behaviour, but believe me sharing isn’t all that good!

Mark likes to share; he is not a greedy person and if he could he would really give away all he has. I love this about him but come on there has to be some boundaries.

He is off sick. He has flu, at first I thought that he has a case of man flu; you know the one which you can cure with some good TV shows and lots of Hot Toddies but no… He has a real flu and Mark being Mark has decided to share!

For this moment I am still up and running but I can feel this pending doom encroaching and there is no stopping it.

So, you see sharing isn’t all that brilliant in some situations.


Moving on…

Melissa was right last week! Blackberries won the day! Have a look…

BlackberriesBlackberries Who what am I answer to 8 08

This was actually taken during the dog walk. There are so many blackberry plants around the field where we go for walks, it’s wonderful. All I need to do is take a plastic container with me and whilst the dogs run around doing doggie stuff I can pick a box full.

I really like this time of the year when “food” can be just picked from the bushes, shrubs or trees. There are some lovely plums growing close by too 😉

According to Huffington Post the leaves and barks of the blackberries can be also consumed. Apparently they are good for treating mild inflammation of the gums or even a sore throat. I had no idea about it, did you?

Now it is time for a new picture puzzle.

Who / What Am I?

Who What am I 15 08

Stay safe and enjoy your weekend!

Who / What Am I? 08/08

Happy Friday everyone!

What a lazy day! I blame the weather for this total lack of energy today, and not the fact I only had 4 hours sleep last night. Big rain brought to us by your loving local low pressure or maybe the warm weather took all my mojo away, but definitely not the 4 hours sleep. So as I sit here now typing away I am feeling sleepy and yet another cup of coffee just isn’t cutting it at all. Hey ho, soon it will be evening and bed time. I am actually looking forward to it 🙂

I hope that you are feeling much more energetic than I am today. I really caught a bad case of lazy and I hope it will be gone soon.

Last week my shot of a green something ended up being a right puzzle for you. I bet most of you have had it in your homes and have eaten it on many occasions. Behold the humble leek!


Ok, so my “explanation picture” is a bit off comparing to what I normally do but I am sure you can clearly see the leek pieces in their full glory.

Did you know that leeks have been cultivated since the time of Ancient Egyptians? Apparently Hippocrates prescribed the leek as a cure for a nosebleed.* Not sure how this would work… do you eat it to stop the bleeding or just stick it up your nose?

Leeks have a lot of health benefits, which I actually didn’t even know about and contain a lot of vitamins and minerals. I found this interesting table which shows leeks nutrient value**; I hope it will be of interest to you too.

Leeks nutrient value

Do you remember my post about The Most Avoided Foods? Leeks have the honoured 38th place… that’s a lot of people who are avoiding leeks out there ;-(

This week we are moving into something darker… no more green and happy colours…

Who / What Am I?

Who What Am I 8 08

Have a great Friday everyone and enjoy your weekend!

And eat some leeks… and apples too!

Do you know that Putin put a ban on Polish fruit and veggies including apples? Apparently for a “sanitary reasons” (yeap… right!) Polish farmers need you – #JedzJabłka #EatApples and join the Polish campaign by liking Eat Apples to Annoy Putin Facebook page!


Who / What Am I? 01/08

Good Friday everyone!

What a fabulous day! Yesterday I overcome with a huge craving for some smoked salmon, so today I left the cave in order to procure some. I bought a beautiful Lapsang Souchong Tea Smoked Salmon by Heston and some rustic bread, try saying that three times quickly. Immediately upon arriving home, I added double butter to the ripped apart bread, carefully arranged a piece of my smoked salmon and set about devouring my dream food. Oh my, do I feel so much better now and the best part was that it was delicious. I don’t get cravings like this very often and even if I do, I do not act on them most of the time, but I must admit this small self indulgence felt really good and put me in a brilliant happy mood!

Oh, and I also bought a bathroom light for our on-suite so we will finally be able to finish it… unless of course someone tells us yet again that that is the wrong type of light. I have already bought a light but according to an electrician it is not suitable for this small bathroom, which will get really steamy once the power-shower is on. So keep your fingers crossed for me and hope that the second time round I will have made a good choice.

Now let’s get back to the important part… mystery picture from last week… hmmm as it ended up it wasn’t such a mystery after all… I blame the Kiwi Fruit for being so boring looking 🙂

Well done to everyone who guessed kiwi.

KiwiKiwi cut out

Kiwi fruit is actually a really amazing little fruit. It is rich in magnesium, it is a great source of folic acid, it contains a lot of vitamin C and fiber (apparently its amount is as high as in many whole grain cereals) and to add to this it is rich in potassium, which is great for lowering a blood pressure. *

That’s it for all things kiwi related…

This weeks’ shot is greener, actually it is very green, full stop. And no, it is not the inside of a kiwi fruit ;-), or is it?

who what am i 1 08 2014

Have a great weekend everyone and if you get a chance to do something nice for yourself – do it! It feels amazing.

Who / What Am I? 25/07


It is still hot here but you can almost smell the rain approaching. I am so looking forward to the moment when the air will clear a bit. This stuffy weather makes me very sleepy all the time.

Last week I asked for your help.

Not all of you wanted to play ball but that’s ok.

Bottom line is I got some ideas 🙂 which were very helpful and I want to thank you for them.

So… Thank You! Yes, you! You know who you are…

It is strange… sometimes you are so focused on finding something weird and unusual that you actually miss a lot of stuff which is just on your door step… am I right? I know I do it. I did it with my Friday pictures… looking through hundreds and hundreds of old travel pictures in order to find something interesting for you, when instead I should just take a camera and go shot something new, right there on the spot…

I think the break last week was good for me, and ultimately you.

I had time to think and reflect on the shots which might be good for Who / What am I? Now, I have some new ideas and let’s hope I can put them to good use.

So without further a do…

Who / What Am I?

Who What Am I 25 07

Have a great weekend everyone!

Who / What Am I? 18/07

Hello everyone,

It is HOT! It is so hot, that I am melting here. Are you hot too or are you loving the heat wave?

It is funny how the British talk (and moan) about the weather all the time. When I was growing up I had this vision of a Brit in my head – a man with an umbrella talking about the weather. I never understood why you would talk about the weather so much and then… I moved to UK. The weather is so crazy here that it would be bizarre not to talk about it, am I right? Anyway apparently I am picking up a lot of typical English behaviours so therefore it is only normal that weather talk is one of them.

Oh my goodness it’s hot or did I mention that already?

Normally at this point I would be giving you the answer to last weeks’ picture then hit you with something new but not today… today it is too hot to sit down and rummage through the pictures in search of something new and exciting (this is reason number one) but (reason number two) I am also running out of ideas. So today’s Who What Am I will be a bit different.

I will of course tell you about last week shot.

All of you in favour of the elephant were right. Have a look…

an elephantan elephant_cut out

Did you know that female elephants are called cows? They start to have calves when they are about 12 years old and they are pregnant for 22 months, wow!

And something else, which is shocking – an adult elephant needs to drink around 210 litres of water a day – A DAY! Shocking isn’t it? A shortage of water in some parts of the world, I think we may have found the culprit.

And one more thing, which is very interesting – elephants are herbivores and can spend up to 16 hours a day collecting leaves, twigs, bamboo and roots.*

And now for the twist…

No new picture today; instead I would like to ask for your help to give me some new ideas. Please tell me about the most weird, bizarre picture you have ever seen. Maybe it was a close up of something ordinary or maybe something totally unique in its nature. I would really appreciate your help.

Stay cool and have fun over the weekend!

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