MyPure Choice – A’kin Body Wash

MyPure Choice – A’kin Body Wash

For the last month I have been indulging myself during bath and shower time with some lovely A’kin body wash.

I picked two totally different scents – orange blossom and sandalwood – to give myself either a fresh start to the day or a calming bedtime chill-out.

If you have never heard about A’kin this is what the MyPure website states about them:

A’kin is made from the finest natural ingredients, chosen for their purity and skin friendly compatibility. A’kin does not contain: sulfates, ethoxylates, parabens, propylene glycol, petrochemical cleansers, silicones, phthalates, mineral oils, DEA and artificial colours.

A’kin Body WashA’kin body wash is:

  • Cruelty free
  • Natural – they use certified organic ingredients where possible
  • Suitable for vegans – certified by the Australian Vegan Society
  • Suitable for vegetarians – they have been formulated without any animal ingredients
  • Halal Certified

A’kin body wash comes in a 500ml bottle with a pump, which makes it the ideal packaging in my eyes. They are prices at £14 (currently on special offer at £12.60), which makes them a bit on the high side – price wise – but like with everything else, good quality products always cost more. However they do go a long way as you only need a little bit to actually wash yourself.

A’kin Orange Blossom Body WashMyPure Choice - A’kin Body Wash

I found it to be a perfect body wash to start my day with. It delivers a fresh fragrant aroma bursting with energy. It leaves my skin nicely moisturised and I feel ready to face the day ahead.

A’kin Orange Blossom Body Wash comes in the form of a see-through gel like texture. It is easy to use and it spreads very well. It doesn’t foam a great deal but for me this isn’t a problem. It leaves a gentle fragrant smell on the skin after a good rinse. But don’t you worry, it doesn’t last long, so it will not interfere with any perfumes you might want to use.

A’kin Sandalwood Body WashMyPure Choice -- A’kin Body Wash

If you love the scent of sandalwood this one is truly for you. The scent is amazing – very woody and calming with those lovely hints of something oriental. It is an ideal body wash before bedtime as it’s really puts you into a calm, relaxed dream like state.

Same as with the Orange Blossom, the Sandalwood body wash comes in a see-through gel like texture. Again, you will not experience a great deal of foaming from it but it will leave a nice very gentle scent on your skin.

In general I am very pleased with my choice. I think A’kin offers some fantastic products which are good for your skin and a pure pleasure to use.

Did you ever use any of A’kin products?

* Products featured in this post were provided for free by MyPure for review purpose.

MyPure Choice – Naturtint – Permanent Hair Colorant

MyPure Choice – Naturtint – Permanent Hair Colorant

To be honest I have never thought about environmentally “green” hair colorant before. For some reason I was under the impression that they simply didn’t exist. Naturtint Permanent Hair Colorant is the closest you can get to having natural hair colorant. The Naturtint Permanent Hair Dyes contain no parabens, phthalates, ammonia or resorcinol. The only chemical present in the mix is the minimum amount of ppd (p-phenylenediamine) necessary to make them work well and cover grey hair permanently. So you can have a permanent hair colorant with a minimum of ppd or if you prefer none at all you can pick the Naturtint Semi-permanent Hair Dyes.

I went with the permanent option. The Naturtint Permanent Hair Colorant comes in a selection of 30 shades. I picked Fireland and Fire Red. The first shade to be tested was Fire Red 🙂

MyPure Choice – Naturtint - Permanent Hair Colorant

Let’s start with what’s in the box:

  • – Naturtint Colorant
  • – Naturtint Nutrideep, which is a conditioner
  • – Naturtint Shampoo
  • – Colour Developer
  • – Protective gloves
  • – Instruction leaflet

So basically you get, more or less, the same things as what most other hair colorants offer. The shampoo was a first for me as I’ve never had a hair colorant with a shampoo before, so one difference from my usual. There was also something else I liked about the contents – the active colorant comes in an actual bottle and not in a tube like every other hair dye I’ve used before. This is a huge plus for me – it makes the mixing process much easier and you don’t have to worry about getting every last drop out of the tube, which is on most occasions virtually impossible.

MyPure Choice - Naturtint – Permanent Hair Colorant

In use thoughts:

The first thing which you may notice (after you mixed everything and shaken it) is the lack of smell. You actually have to want to smell it and stick the product under your nose in order to do so; otherwise weirdly the smell seems not to be there. If you get a brief “whiff” of it, it smells very herbal, almost medicinal like, but you actually have to want to smell it. The consistency of the mixture is jelly jam like – it is quite thick but still spreads with ease. I actually made much less mess using it then I normally do. My hair is quite long at the moment (at least for me) as they are just past shoulder in length and I had no problem with the amount of mixture – it was more then enough to cover all my hair.

Once the time was up and I started rinsing it my hair felt quite nice. The use of the provided shampoo made them worse, meaning they felt really rough and lifeless, but once the conditioner went on everything changed. Even during putting the conditioner on you can feel your hair getting smoother and softer; after two minutes, this feeling just gets stronger and stronger. After rinsing my hair for the final time I was left with smooth and silky feeling hair.

So what about the colour itself?

I don’t know you tell me… do you like it?

MyPure Choice – Naturtint – Permanent Hair Colorantmypure choice – naturtint – permanent hair colorant.

Naturtint Permanent Hair Colorant is priced at £9.99 (currently you can buy it at £8.99), which is actually only a few pounds more than most superstore brands. For these extra few pounds you get a natural product (or at least as close to natural as possible) which is cruelty free and can be used by both vegetarians and vegans. I would rate it 5 out of 5. It is rare for me to find a product which I actually like completely, most of the time I can always pick something to change or that bugs me, but this time I didn’t, not a single thing.

Did you ever try Naturtint?

What’s your favourite hair colorant?

MyPure Choice - Naturtint - Permanent Hair Colorant

* Products featured in this post were provided for free by MyPure for review purpose.

Review – Silicea Direct by Hübner – Beauty in the box

Silicea Direct by Hübner – Beauty in the box

What is Silicea Direct?

Silicea is a food supplement that can help maintain healthy skin, hair and strong nails, preventing (to a degree) the signs of ageing and it keeps hair, skin and nails looking beautiful. It can also play a role in the maintenance of healthy muscles and bones.

What’s inside the pack?

Silicic Acid gel (90%), fruit mix from fruit concentrates: Grape, Elderberry, Blackcurrant, Strawberry, Raspberry; Fructose, Thickening agent; Pectin, Xanthan gum; Acidifier Malic acid, Natural Flavour, Selenium and Biotin.

This means that the product is 100% natural. Silicea contains silica, one of the body’s essential nutrients, which is used by all the connective tissue. Our body uses up silica on a daily basis as flakes of skin, hair and nails are discarded, so this is an easy and convenient way of replacing it. Silica is one of our most valuable minerals and one of the most important ‘beauty’ nutrients: it helps to support the formation of collagen and elastin which strengthens skin, hair and nails by encouraging the body to hold on to water and other vital nutrients.

Silicea Direct by Hübner - Beauty in the box

And what’s inside the pack for real?

The answer is still the same; just as above 😉 It comes in the form of delicious red berry ‘smoothie’ shots that are providing mineral silica in a highly available form for better absorption. Hübner’s convenient silica shots provide a measured dosage in a sachet form and because they do not require refrigeration, are ideal for people on the move.


  • 100% natural
  • Dairy, lactose, wheat and gluten free
  • No preservatives
  • GM free
  • Not tested on animals
  • Suitable for vegetarians and vegans


Take one sachet (15ml) daily between main meals.

Treatment Time:

The recommended treatment time is 3 months at least twice a year.

It might sound like a long term project, but one finger nail needs around 6 months until it is fully re-grown, skin needs around 28 days to regenerate and hair grows just over one centimetre per month… so no rush there…


£12.95 for 15 x 15ml sachets


Hübner Silicea Direct is available to buy from health stores nationwide and at Healthy2U online.

My thoughts:

Interesting product, this was the first thought that came to my mind. I know there is a huge range of beauty supplements sold as pills or tablets or even a powder which you mix with water but I’ve never seen or tried anything in the form of a gel. If I had to describe the product in just one word it would be weird. You might ask if it is a good weird or a bad weird … Actually neither…it is just weird. The reason for this is the texture. It is a bit like watery jam, but what is the weirdest part is that not all of the shot has the same consistency; so some portions within one sachet are thicker than others. It really is quite surreal experience. Taste wise it is fruity and you can’t miss the berry flavour but it also has quite strong metallic taste. I guess this is how silica tastes 😉

As I received only one pack and used it for just over two weeks I can’t really comment as to the visible benefits of it.

As food supplements go, I like the idea of this one. I think helping our skin, hair and nails from the inside are important. I will get myself a bigger pack for a longer test but I think I will try the capsule version. Yes, they have it in a capsule version too.

Did you ever try Silicea Direct or any silica based products?

Silicea Direct by Hübner; Beauty in the box

* I received one pack of Silicea Direct for free for review purpose. All opinions about the product are honest and my own.

MyPure Choice – Rich Day Cream by Living Nature

MyPure Choice – Rich Day Cream by Living Nature

This month MyPure Choice was a Rich Day Cream by Living Nature, something I really wanted to try for a quite some time now.

Living Nature is a New Zealand brand, who have been making natural products for over 25 years. My Rich Day Cream is certified natural and it ONLY contains ingredients created by nature and it is both synthesis and animal free. From the packaging: This cream combines Active Manuka Honey to draw in moisture, botanical emollients for deep nourishment and native Totara Extract to help neutralise skin-aging free radicals. This Rich Day Cream by Living Nature is perfect for both dry and mature skin.

In case you are interested and can understand it better than me… here is the full ingredients list:  Aqua (water), Persea gratissima (avocado) oil, Cetearyl olivate (from olive oil), Sorbitan olivate (from olive oil), Macadamia ternifolia seed oil, Squalane (vegetable squalane), Jojoba esters (from jojoba oil), Triticum vulgare (wheat) germ oil, Butyrospermum parkii (shea) butter**, Caryocar brasiliense (pequi) fruit oil, Glucose (plant sugar), Mel (manuka honey), Orbignya oleifera (babassu) seed oil**, Theobroma cacao (cocoa) butter, Parfum (natural fragrance)*, Sclerotium gum, Rosa canina (rosehip) fruit oil**, Olea europaea (olive) leaf extract, Glucose oxidase (from milk), Lactoperoxidase (from milk), Tocopherol (vitamin E), Totarol (totara extract), Leptospermum scoparium (manuka) oil, Benzyl benzoate*, Benzyl salicylate*, Citronellol*, Geraniol*, Limonene*, Linalool* * From natural essential oils ** Certified organic

Rich Day Cream by Living Nature comes in a 50ml tube and is priced at £32. It might seem like a lot, but is it really? You are getting natural, an organic certified and cruelty free product, which is good for vegetarian too 😉 Considering this I don’t think that the price tag is too high.

The outer packaging a.k.a. the box contains all your basic information; everything you might need and want to know about the product is there: the name, who is it for, what it does, how to use it, ingredients list, how to store it, manufacturer details as well as the use by date. I don’t think they missed a thing.

MyPure Choice - Rich Day Cream by Living Nature

The tube itself doesn’t contain all the information but you get the basics, which is more than efficient. Rich Day Cream by Living Nature comes securely sealed with a metal “cap”; once opened it should be used within 6 months (tick tock, tick tock…)

Now let’s talk about the cream itself.

Rich Day Cream by Living Nature like most creams is white / white-ish in colour. It has the texture of a thick cream, I would say. It spreads extremely easily and it goes a long way. When I opened it the first time I squeezed my standard amount out… it was way too much… I’ve had enough to “cream” my face, neck, bust line and both palms… it really does go a long way. After use feeling – first thing which comes to mind is softness. It really leaves your skin feeling amazing… soft and smooth. It is not greasy and it doesn’t give you that heavy feeling…. but… hey ho there is always a “but” with me… it has a strong herbal smell. For someone who likes my creams fragrant free this was quite a shock when I first used it. The fragrance is not subtle, it is strong, you can’t miss it and it is in your face – hey, look at me… I am here! I really thought that the initial try will be the last one for me, but something strange happened… this strong, one would say quite overpowering smell, is very soothing. After a few minutes despite it still being there, it didn’t bother me any longer. I wish I could tell you what it smells like but I really can’t put my finger on it. I studied the ingredients list but I can’t pick the “smelly” one out of the list. Maybe it isn’t just the one… maybe it is a combination of them all or some of them… not sure about that one.

MyPure Choice --- Rich Day Cream by Living Nature

Rich Day Cream by Living Nature is supposed to work on wrinkles. To be honest I didn’t notice any improvement but in fairness I have only been using it for the last 10 days so maybe it needs more time.

In general I am very pleased with my choice. I think if you have dry skin and are on the wrong side of your teen years this cream might be a perfect choice for you.


  • Good price for the quality of product
  • Nice texture and easy application
  • Very nourishing
  • Very moisturising
  • Very absorbent
  • Extremely efficient
  • Leaves your skin soft and smooth
  • Not greasy


  • Strong, overpowering herbal fragrant… but you just get used to it 🙂

MyPure Choice -- Rich Day Cream by Living Nature

Did you ever use any of the Living Nature products?

What’s your opinion about them?

* Product featured in this post was provided for free by MyPure for review purpose.

MyPure Choice – Munio Candela Soy Wax Candle

Munio Candela Soy Wax Candle from MyPureLast month when making MyPure choice I decided to be less selfish and picked something which all members of our household will enjoy – I decided to try Munio Candela Soy Wax Candle Poured in a Paint Can. First of all they look amazing – just look at them… I really like the combination of the shiny cold looking silver tin and the natural warmth of a canvas which goes around it. Lots of candles these days look nice but these one are just stunning. Secondly they are soy candles; I’ve never had a soy candle before so I really wanted to try it for myself.

Let’s start with a website description of the product:

Munio Candela candles are completely handmade using only 100% natural all-soy wax, the finest lead-free all cotton and wooden wicks and herbs from the baltic countryside. Soy candles are simply better for you, your family and your environment.

  • Better for the indoor and natural environment.
  • Burns without toxins, carcinogens or soot.
  • Burns up to 50% longer than traditional candles.
  • Cruelty free, contains no animal products.
  • Contains no genetically modified material.
  • Biodegradable and derived from renewable carbon neutral sources.
  • Cleans up easily with soap and hot water

All these are very valid points, which made me want to try them. Munio Candela Soy Wax Candles Poured in a Paint Can are available in two scents: vitality and inspiration. They are supposed to improve a person mood, cognitive functions and wellness. They are fragranced with 100% pure essential oils.

Munio Candela Soy Wax Candles

So how are they in use? Munio Candela Soy Wax Candles have a wooden wick, which I have never had the pleasure “to work with” before. I was wondering about how it will burn… surprisingly it burns pretty well and with no problems, but you might get some small pieces breaking off which will make your candle looking a bit dirty inside. Oh and they “talk”; it is not a quiet candle, you will hear some very subtle crackling of the wood as it is burning.

Candle in a tin, isn’t this going to get hot? This was yet other question going through my mind before I used it… yet again surprisingly it doesn’t. After hours of burning (the candles are not supposed to be burned for more than 3-5 hours at the time) you are still able to lift it and move it around without the need for oven gloves.

So far so good, but now we are getting into the scent… and here I have a bit of a problem… the scent is almost none existent. There is nothing wrong with my nose, I would even go as far as claiming that my smelling abilities of scents is much more sensitive than a “standard” person but I just don’t get these candles. I tried them both; I even put them very close by on a side table and still nothing.

For me a candle serves a purpose on two occasions – I want to create a romantic environment and have dim lighting or I want to create a relaxing environment which is full of a soothing scent, or any combination of both.
As much as I tried to love these candles in use, I just can’t. Due to the candle being in a tin and soy wax being much lower than the rim, you are not getting a lot of “light” coming from it… and as the scent goes… hmm… maybe they forgot to add some to mine.

Munio Candela Soy Wax Candles Poured in a Paint Can are priced at £23 (currently on sale at £11.50), which is a lot for something which doesn’t work all that well. Despite that fact that these candles aren’t brilliant as a candle, they still look stunning and would make a perfect house decoration piece.

What do you think – do candles need to have a strong scent or would you be happy with something so subtle that it is almost none existing?

Munio Candela Soy Wax Candle

* Products featured in this post were provided for free by MyPure for review purpose.