Toddler Life – Making Bath Time Fun

Toddler Life. Making Bath Time FunBath time should be an essential part of any toddler’s bedtime routine. Some kids love it, some will tolerate it and some… well they totally hate it. It is important to help them overcome any bath time fears they might have. Bath time should be fun and not a chore. It is a great opportunity to bond with our little ones and it also presents a lot of opportunities for discovering new things.

Leo loves water, he enjoys bath time as much as swimming in the local pool… or should I say pretending to swim in a real pool 🙂

Toddler Life – Making Bath Time FunPlaying games with rubber creatures, trying to be a hairdresser, singing and telling stories are just a few activities which can help with making bath time a pleasant and desired experience. Kids will be kids, they experience the world in a different way to us, adults. You might think that you need some magic toys to keep him or her occupied when in fact in most cases a few object laying around the house will do the trick (as long as they are changed on a regular basis so your toddler doesn’t have time to get bored of them and of course are safe for the baby to play with in the first place).

That is bath time… so what’s happening after bath time?

Well this is up to you… you can dry and dress up your toddler in the bathroom or like us extend the bath time routine to after bath time.

Toddler Life – Making Bath Time Fun with CuddleSafariToddler Life - Making Bath Time Fun with CuddleSafariToddler Life – Making Bath Time Fun with CuddleSafari from CuddledryToddler Life - Making Bath Time Fun with CuddleSafari from CuddledryWe let Leo chill for a bit in his funky new bath robe (courtesy of Cuddledry). I think he really enjoys the robe and feels very comfortable in it. Once his after bath body temperature gets back to normal it is time to say goodbye to Mr. CuddleSafari and get him dressed.

How do you deal with the bath time routine?

Do you have any magic tricks up your sleeve to ensure a smooth experience?

Do your kids enjoy it or is bath time a constant battle?

Pool Fun, Cuddleroar & The Wicked Uncle

Pool Fun, Cuddleroar and The Wicked UncleI remember when I was a child I had my favourite wicked uncle. Most times when he came with a visit he would bring some really amazing gifts with him. Thinking back now, these gifts were not all that special by today’s terms but 25 years ago in Poland a pack of Donald Duck bubble gum or a pencil case with a set of colourful crayons was really something special.

I was hoping that everyone has a wicked uncle in his life but as it ended up this isn’t necessarily true. Talking to my friends not everyone had the opportunity to experience the thrill of wicked gifting during their childhood. I think that it’s a huge shame but worry not I tell myself as nowadays there is a solution, an online wicked uncle. Yes, you are reading it right, there is a website called Wicked Uncle and they stock brilliant presents for kids, just like the ones I would dream of getting from my own personal wicked uncle as a child.

We received an opportunity to shop with Wicked Uncle and pick something suitable for our little one.

The website is very cleverly designed making picking the gift a fairly easy task. For starters it is split into gifts for boys and girls. Within these two categories gifts are segregated into appropriate age categories. Easy… just as I told you 😉

I wanted to get something practical yet special enough so it would bring a smile to his face. As summer is approaching us and hopefully even more warm weather is on its way, I picked a Dinosaur hooded bath robe – Cuddleroar by Cuddledry.

1. Pool Fun, Cuddleroar and The Wicked Uncle 2. Pool Fun, Cuddleroar and The Wicked Uncle 3. Pool Fun, Cuddleroar and The Wicked UncleI think the robe looks really funky and it is extremely useful. It’s large enough to cover your baby / toddler after a bath and a closing nap just under the chin assures that robe stays in place keeping your little one warm and snuggly. The fabric of the robe is very soft and very absorbent. So far we have washed it 5 times and it still looks just like new.

Pool Fun, Cuddleroar & The Wicked UncleThe Dinosaur hooded bath robe – Cuddleroar costs £39.99. It might not be the cheapest bath robe out there but it for sure is one of the funkiest looking ones and it would make a perfect gift.

Did you have a wicked uncle growing up which would spoil you with unusual gifts?

What do you think about my gift choice?

Would your little one like a robe like this?