5 Tips To Creating A Bar Area In Your Finished Basement

If you are looking to build a man cave in your basement where you can hang out with your friends, the cave must feature a bar. So, how do you go about building an eye-catching bar set-up in your abode? What are the things you need to consider in order for your project to succeed? .

Here are 5 tips to help you create a bar area in your finished basement. For information on bar stools and accessories, read more at danetti.com.

Tip 1: Purchase bar stools and seating

Selecting the best bar stools for your home is not exactly as easy as a walk in the park. It´s because there are various factors to consider and some of these factors include style, looks, comfort, and convenience etc. You can go for the common backless bar stool if you are looking for something that can be easily concealed. However, backless bar stools don’t fare well in the comfort department. If comfort is your priority, you should acquire a bar stool with arms. If you want to swivel around, you can opt for a swiveling bar stool. If you have plenty of cash to burn, you should purchase a wood bar stool because they go well with any style. However, if you are looking for something modern and something that complements small space, you should buy a metal bar stool.

Tip 2: Bar Molding

So, what does bar molding achieve? Well, bar molding plays an instrumental role in preventing the spills from leaking. Apart from that, it also allows one to rest his/her arms on the bar top. You can easily acquire bar molding accessories and they are available for purchase in various wood varieties.  If you are not good with carpentry, you should purchase a pre-cut bar mold design that can be installed to your bar easily.

Tip 3: Pay attention to the lighting

It is important to get the lighting right in order to set the mood. The bar in your basement need not necessarily have to be as dark and dusty as your favorite bar. Instead, you should focus on installing LED-strip kits and flexible light strips. These strips are available for purchase in various colors and can be customized to your preferred length. And, you can fit these light on the bar top or bar cabinets to give your bar area a refined ambiance.

Tip 4: What about the back bar?

If you have a wide range of liquor at your disposal and you want to display them, you should consider installing open shelves in the back bar. However, if you don’t have various different bottles to showcase, you can instead opt to place large, framed mirrors to act as showpieces.  You can also install 3-D wall panels and tiles to improve the aesthetics of your back bar.

Tip 5: Refrigeration

So, what kind of refrigeration works best if you need to keep your beer, wine, and mixer cool? Well, you can invest in an under-the-counter beverage center that boasts of the feature, temperature control.


Have you ever considered turning your basement into a home bar?


The Thrill of Unaided Flying

The Thrill of Unaided Flying“Driving a motorcycle is like flying. All your senses are alive. Being House is like flying, too. He’s free of the gravity of what people think.”
Hugh Laurie

I love this quote but House was wrong! Driving a motorcycle is nothing like true flying. I have experienced them both and I have to tell you flying is so much better! Indeed both activities do wake all your senses up and make you feel alive but unaided flying puts a totally new spin on the whole concept of feeling alive!

The team at Alive! the multi-vitamin and mineral range from Nature’s Way invited me to try indoor skydiving. At first I had no fear at all, all I felt was excitement but once I actually booked the experience the fear started to crawl into my head… I was scared… a fear of the unknown took over… there wasn’t really any logical reason for it… it is not like I was about to launch myself from an aeroplane and hurtle towards the earth… I was about to fly upwards in a sealed tube with a safety net below me… what could possibly go wrong? Yet there it is, I was still afraid.

On the day of my “wanna be a bird” experience I even developed a “pseudo” twisted ankle. At the end of the day, I couldn’t go flying if I am unable to walk, could I? Mark wasn’t having any of it and put me straight and the fear volume subsided….a bit.

We drove to the wind tunnel, I got changed, I took part in the briefing, I practiced the perfect free-fall position on the dusty floor in a room full of strangers, I fastened on my goggles and helmet and I was ready! Let the fun begin… but it still wasn’t fun… I was scared again, really scared… knees unable to hold me up steady scared again, standing in that extremely noisy, unbelievably windy doorway awaiting my turn… my heart was pounding, the beads of sweat forming, cotton mouth, eyes wide… and then my name popped at the top of the list… the next flyer was me… there was no escape I was required to be ready… I was ready!

The Thrill of Unaided Flying - Indoor SkydivingI entered the tunnel, I immediately put myself into the basic skydiving position and I was up… and then down… and up again. It was truly amazing! I’ve never experience anything like it. I thought long and hard on how to describe the sensation but I simply can’t find the words to convey the moment. The feeling of freedom, weightlessness and total surrender to the elements can’t be described with words, they have to be experienced!

I can only imagine how wonderful the real skydiving must be. Who knows maybe one day I will experience it too.

In the grand scheme of adrenalin thrills, indoor skydiving is a fairly cheap one, for just under £40 you can have a true “time of your life”, but if you really want to feel alive why not try real skydiving?

There are a lot of companies out there like Into The Blue offering all sorts of thrills. Yes, they might not be so budget friendly but I bet they are worth every penny! I have started a piggybank just for this next level of fun.

Have you ever had the chance to fly unaided?

What do you do to feel truly alive?

*This is a collaborative post.

Why are families choosing to venture further afield when holiday planning?

If you’re thinking about jetting off somewhere unique and exotic this year, you’re not alone. Many of us are now choosing to go further afield when holiday planning but why is this? What has made a large proportion of us want to pack up and travel long distances for an adventure?

Why are families choosing to venture further afield when holiday planningWell, there are several reasons, including:

Excellent family-friendly accommodation

When you first became parents you might think your days of going on holiday were over –after all, leaving the house becomes a mission in itself. Luckily, this phase quickly passes and you soon realise that it’s possible to go almost anywhere in the world with kids in tow – especially as companies like Tots Too offer a range of luxury family holidays which really are worth travelling to. Countries that might have once seemed too far away or daunting to visit with youngsters have now become not only much more accessible but actually preferable holiday destinations thanks to the array of family-friendly resorts and package deals available.

Many countries are cheap to visit

While many long-haul flights can be costly, it is possible to grab a bargain if you get an early bird discount or keep your eyes peeled for offers. What’s more, aside from travel costs, many people are becoming more adventurous as countries further afield tend to be cheap to explore. Take Thailand, for instance. Food and accommodation is cheap there and it’s easy to see the country without breaking the bank. The same applies to many Asian countries meaning you don’t have to spend years working hard and saving cash just to have an adequate amount of spending money.

The pound is strong against the Euro

Back in the day, many families used to holiday in the UK. Britain’s coastlines were a haven for people longing for some fun in the sun but now many Brits are heading elsewhere in the Eurozone. Why? Well, it might just have something to do with the fact that the pound has just hit a more than seven-year high against the Euro. Sterling has recently risen one per cent to hit €1.40 for the first time since December 2007 meaning UK holidaymakers will have just over 15 per cent spending power compared to a year ago. This is good news for anyone with a sense of adventure as now is the perfect time to visit countries like France, Cyprus, Spain, Italy and Portugal.

Better transportation

These days, there are many different airlines, train/bus companies, taxi firms and other forms of transportation to choose from, meaning people can compare and contrast prices to find something within their budget. What’s more, with low-cost airlines flying to many destinations worldwide, people are more inclined to get out of the UK and explore somewhere new. Sure, many of the cheap flights offered are short-haul and within the Eurozone, but with companies like Ryanair offering an extensive route map it gives budding travellers more of an option than a few decades ago.

Travelling is fun, exciting and an excellent way to learn about the world, so why not get thinking about your next adventure?

* This is a collaborative post.

Board Games are getting a “Second Life” + Games Quest Giveaway

Board Games are getting a “Second Life” + Games Quest Giveaway

As we all know by now the gaming industry is growing bigger every day… more gaming consoles, more gaming tablets, phones handheld devices, more options to simply isolate ourselves from the outside world and just play…

One could easily start to think that this whole boom in computer gaming would “kill off” board games, but one would be wrong. Actually board games are having their own boom and were never as popular as they are right now.

According to Doctor Tomasz Sobierajski sociology Professor from Warsaw University “we miss the need to be with other people”. Computer gaming can be fun but most of the time we are isolated; it is just us stuck in the room staring at a screen whereas board games give us the opportunity to be interact with others and at the same time learn something new, have fun and relax.

Board games are extremely important part of growing up. They help with intellectual development, social rules as well as interpersonal relationships; they teach us how to win and more importantly… how to lose.

How to choose the perfect board game?

Well, I am not sure I have a perfect recipe for success when it comes to game choices but I have a few pointers which might help with this task.

Read information on the box

This would give you the general idea about the game and the ever so important age bracket the game is designed for.

Read the rules

Every game has its own rules. When picking something new we need to make sure that the rules are not too complicated and that the participants will be able to follow them.

Time frame

Some games can take a long time to finish. It is important to pick the right game that suits the time frame available to you to finish the game – too long and kids can get bored.

Number of players

Different games require different number of players. If there are only two of you most of the time then don’t get a party game…

Type of the game

Fantasy, simulation, adventures, logical… you know best what you like, you know best what your friends or kids are good at… take it into consideration when making your choice… If your players aren’t good readers don’t pick the game which requires a lot of reading in order to progress… games should be fun… this is their main role and everything else we learn during this time it is just a bonus!

Board Games are getting a “Second Life” + Games Quest Giveaway.

We have a lot of board games in the house. We might not play them as often as we would like but there is nothing better than a friendly scrabble session 🙂

Games Quest was started by people who love games and love having fun. They stock over 30,000 of the world’s favourite board games, toys and books. If you are looking for it, I am sure they have it.

Games Quest have kindly offered £40 of site credit to one of my readers, so you can pick something you and your kids or friends can bond over and enjoy during these long winter evenings.

If you have a board game on your wish list and fancy winning £40 to spend at Games Quest please just follow the link to my rafflecopter giveaway.

Enter to win a £40 voucher to spend at Games Quest

Enter to win a £40 voucher to spend at Games Quest


Good luck!

Do you like board games?

Do you think their future is bright?

Do you play with your kids, partner or friends?

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42 Days of Summer #Sweeet Challenge

42 Days of Summer #Sweeet Challenge

McVitie’s BN Biscuits in connection with BritMums have challenged bloggers to write about their 42 Days of Summer. The brief was very open – tips, ideas and inspirations, whatever you do to make it fun was allowed. I wanted to be the part of it, so here I am.

At first I was thinking about making a day out post, or maybe some fun summer cooking recipe or something crafty, but finally I settled for a kind of tip / advise post.

So how do we assure that the 42 Days of Summer are actually fun?

Well, let’s start with making a list and listening to the kids. Put on the list all those small things that they have always wanted to do. Ok, I must admit that most kids will have a Disneyland or a Legoland trip at the top of their list, but when you really ask them want they want, you might be surprised by some of their choices.

Kids think differently and their pleasures are totally different from ours. They might really want that PJs party you never got around to throwing during the school year, or a movie night with friends, when they can just lounge around in their onesies and stuff their face with popcorn or maybe they still didn’t fulfil their desire of building a den under their bed (I would not advise this if you have a standard bed, we have a mid sleeper so it is doable). A nice family picnic is a great day out and it will not cost a fortune. How about a trip to the woods, this can be very knowledgeable, walking around the trees, picking all the gifts from nature, which later on can be used in crafts or some lovely handmade decorative arrangement.

Evening at the Greyhound Racing Tracks
Evening at the Greyhound Racing Tracks
Day in perfecting homemade sweets
Day in perfecting homemade sweets
Day with the nature, picnic included :-)
Day with nature, picnic included 🙂

Every family member is supposed to make a list – short or long – this is up to you, then try to pick at least 5 things from each list to do over the summer.

This way everyone gets something they wanted and we can learn from one another and hopefully discover something new and exited we never thought we would enjoy.

Maybe your other half wants to go fishing, so we all go. Who said that fishing can’t be fun? Learning about different rods, different type of fishing and not to mention the excitement when you finally hook a fish.

Summer is always a great time to plan for the future; check out new clubs, try new sports… who knows maybe that one trip to the swimming pool you just took will result with your child regularly going to a swimming club after school or becoming a great swimmer?

So, whatever you do over summer, remember that it is all supposed to be about fun.

42 Days of Summer #Sweeet Challenge.

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