Rough Guide to Kitchen Knives

Knives are the most basic of essentials and a must have in every kitchen. No matter how many wonderful gadgets you have in there, without a set of good knives you will still struggle. Cutting, chopping or slicing, every job belongs to a different knife and it’s good to know why.

Rough Guide to Kitchen Knives - Edge of BelgraviaYears ago, when I was a child, I remember my grandparents having just one big sharp knife for all the jobs in the kitchen. My gran always said that this was all she needed. Well, I am not sure I would be able to function in the kitchen with just one knife. Yes, I am sure things would still get done but at what cost? As humans we like to make our lives easier so why not start with such basics as the right kitchen knives?

Rough Guide to Kitchen Knives - Edge of Belgravia precision knives - Chef’s knifeChef’s knife

Size: 6-14 inches

Blade: straight

Main task: All round knife, which will be able to handle most jobs around the kitchen. Its large size allows for cutting of large ingredients or large quantities with ease.

Rough Guide to Kitchen Knives - Edge of Belgravia precision knives - Paring knifeParing knife

Size: 3-5 inches

Blade: straight

Main task: paring fruit and vegetables. The knife has a short and sharp blade therefore it is very easy to handle while peeling or coring. Perfect tool when dealing with small ingredients such as shallots, garlic or ginger.

Rough Guide to Kitchen Knives - Edge of Belgravia precision knives - Bread knifeBread knife

Size: 6-10 inches

Blade: serrated

Main task: as per its name it is a bread knife. This type of blade allows you to cut through any hard crust of the bread without crushing any of the inner softer parts. The bread remains light and airy during cutting process resolving in a perfect slice.

Rough Guide to Kitchen Knives - Edge of Belgravia precision knives - Slicing knifeSlicing knife

Size: 6-12 inches

Blade: straight with scallops on both sides

Main task: well… slicing! The scallops on each side of the blade serve two purposes, firstly it helps eliminate food sticking to the side of the blade through suction and secondly it reduces the drag on the knife while slicing and this all allows easier separation, which results in paper-thin slices.

Rough Guide to Kitchen Knives - Edge of Belgravia precision knives - Filleting knifeFilleting knife

Size:  6-11 inches

Blade: thin and straight

Main task: filleting and boning. The knife has a long and flexible blade which allows you to make cuts in meat that are in difficult areas such as the backbone or for gaining under skin access which isn’t achievable with other types of knife (or at least not with ease). The shape of the blade provides supreme control and resolves in tight clean cuts.

Getting the right type of knife is one thing, but getting a “good” knife is something totally different. Good knives will last a lifetime, they will be well made with a no stick blade which will stay sharp for longer and once dull will be easy to sharpen. I have had the pleasure to work with some Edge of Belgravia precision knives for a while now, and I am not able to fault them in any way. To see the full range please visit Edge of Belgravia or you can purchase them from Bed, Bath & Beyond.

My Top 3 Kitchen Must Haves

I don’t know how about you but every month we collect more and more kitchen gadgets… they are all useful… to a point, I guess, but we are simply running out of space in the kitchen to store them. With so many new products on the market it is impossible to have them all. Mark is nagging me again to “clean up” some of the less used items… invariable making space for new gadgets to arrive soon 😉

This got me thinking… if I were to get rid of all the less essential kitchen products and were allowed to keep only three things which would three would it be?

Well… my kitchen would have knives, chopping boards and a kitchen timer!

My Top 3 Kitchen Must HavesKnives – they take the number one spot on my kitchen must haves list.

I can’t imagine doing any cooking without a good knife. I am not sure how my gran did it but she used to have one sharp knife… one knife in the entire kitchen and believe me she cooked a lot.

Mark is a little bit knives obsessed, we even had to find a dedicated large kitchen drawer to accommodate all his sharp, proper (how he likes to call them) knives. A good knife can make any cooking related task so much easier… peeling, chopping or slicing when paired with a good, sharp knife isn’t all that scary.

Lately we were given a set of Precision Chef Knives from Edge of Belgravia. Well, each of these knives not only look like a hundred bucks they also perform as one. Despite being stainless steel they feel quite light, almost like a ceramic knife; this said they do offer perfect balance and being super sharp outstanding performance. Highly recommended if you are on the market for new knives.

Chopping boards – this is my must have number two.

I know some people could easily function without a chopping board or boards like in my case, but I can’t.

I used to favour heavy wooden chopping boards until one day when I prepared myself a fruit smoothie with hint of garlic and onion leftover from the night before… well, the board was washed properly of this I am sure but some of the flavours must have imbedded into the knife marks in the board and then stuck to my fruit once I was chopping them up. Since that day we have replaced all the wooden boards with thin plastic ones… I think we got them from Ikea; fairly cheap ones but they come in a selection of colours so it was easy enough to assign a specific colour to a specific type of food that you will be chopping on it. I do like them; they are light and bendy so moving prepared ingredients from a work top to a pot isn’t a big deal and as they are cheap you can replace them more often without breaking your bank balance.

Kitchen timer – third and last spot on my kitchen must haves list.

Well, I know that there are a lot of other useful items I could pick but I am unable to cook without it.

Sometimes I have 1000s of thoughts in my head all at once and the attention span of a toddler so you see without a reminder in the form of a loud buzzing noise I would never remember to remove things from the oven until they are very well done (sacrificial burnt offerings as Mark likes to call them) and most likely uneatable or until the fire alarm reminds me it is time to stop cooking the eggs which were done well before the entirety of the water has evaporated into the air.

My kitchen timer isn’t super lush, I think I picked it up on the cheap from a TKMaxx but it does the job well and that is all that counts.

My fourth would be a temperature reader with a probe but as I only allowed myself three things for this list I can’t have it, bah.

So, these are my top three kitchen must haves.

Which three kitchen essentials would you put on your list?