How do you check the age of your skin care, perfumes or make-up?

How do you check the age of your skin care, perfumes or make-up? Have you ever wondered just how old your skin care products really are? Is that brand new, just bought mascara still in date? Is this rare vintage perfume you found on eBay actually still going to work?Have you ever wondered just how old your skin care products really are? Is that brand new, just bought mascara still in date? Is this rare vintage perfume you found on eBay actually still going to work?

All… or almost all cosmetics are marked with a PAO – Period After Opening – this is the open jar symbol with numbers inside of it… 3, 6, 12, 24 months after opening… no problem there… you buy something today, you open it and you know exactly how much time you have until the product starts to deteriorate.

But what about the specific production date itself?

Obviously even unopened products can’t be perfect forever especially if they are not stored correctly and there is often some sort of a cut-off point after which they may start to be unsafe to use.

According to EU law, the manufacturer isn’t required to put an expiration date on any cosmetic products, unless their shelf life is less than 3 years. So all those face creams, perfumes, eye shadows and powders which normally have longer shelf life come with no date… or at least not a date which can be easily spotted or read by anyone without an insight but there is a solution…

CheckFresh is a website which helps you decipher batch codes of most publically available cosmetics and it will provide you with a date of manufacturing; then you can decided if the product is or isn’t safe to use.

This is one of my recent discoveries and I wish I had known about it earlier.

The CheckFresh website is easy to use:

  1. Select the brand you want to check
  2. Look at the pictures and read the batch code description – you would be surprised how much they might very from brand to brand
  3. Type your batch code into the box
  4. Press check and tada…
  5. The information is there… right in front of you!

Old cosmetics can contain harmful microbes and it is really important not to use something which is seriously out of date, especially if you have sensitive skin.

I actually checked the entire contents of my make-up bag… well… needless to say, I need to go shopping as some of my favourites had to go to the bin… better safe than sorry, right?

Check out the website, it’s free to use and tell me what you think about it?

Now you know what I know, do you think it would be helpful for consumers if all cosmetics had an expiry date clearly marked on the packaging?

MyPure Choice – New Make-up Essentials – Inika & EcoTools

MyPure Choice – New Make-up Essentials – Inika & EcoToolsIn March my MyPure order contained some Inika Mineral Illuminisor and its perfect companion a Retractable Kabuki Brush from EcoTools. As I don’t wear make-up everyday it took me a while to properly asses both products; I am now ready to share my judgement 😉

Let’s start with the Inika Mineral Illuminisor.

MyPure Choice – New Make-up Essentials – Inika Mineral IlluminisorInika’s Illuminisor is an iridescent loose powder which gives the skin a beautiful dewy sheen and luminosity. You can use this gorgeous product as a highlighter on the cheeks and brow bone or dust over the entire face and decolletage to enhance your complexion and create an all-over healthy glow. Can be worn with bronzer, blush or alone to complete your look.

The first thing you will notice once you actually hold the product in your hand is its size – it is tiny. The powder comes in a 3g box. I really have no idea why I was expecting something bigger but I was. The packaging itself is very convenient. The illuminisor comes boxed and the container containing the powder itself is securely sealed.

The illuminisor powder has a slight pink colour and gives an amazing looking glow. It doesn’t leave too many sparkles so it can be used all over your face. This natural, fragrant free, not tested on animals product is suitable for both vegetarians and vegans.

The Inika illuminisor is priced at £17.00 for 3g. It is a very nice product but it is a little over priced in my opinion. If money is not an obstacle and you are looking for natural make-up then Inika may well be perfect for you but if you need to count every penny I believe there might be better value products out there on the market.

Just as stated on the MyPure website it should be applied with a Kabuki brush. I don’t have a nice brush so I ordered the Recycled Aluminium Retractable Kabuki Brush from EcoTools.

MyPure Choice – New Make-up Essentials – EcoTools Recycled Aluminium Retractable Kabuki BrushIf you never heard about EcoTools they specialise in environmentally friendly makeup brushes made from recycled aluminium, bamboo and cruelty free bristles.

I like my new brush, I like it a lot, mainly because it doesn’t shed. All my other brushes loose bristles which most of the time get into my eyes or simply tickle me in places they shouldn’t; my new brush having been in use now for way over a month hasn’t even lost a single hair 😉

The brush is both lightweight and well finished yet feels very robust. It comes with a reusable pouch which is an extra bonus I guess as it isn’t really needed for this type of brush. The bristles are extremely soft and well-formed; and as stated earlier they do not shed.

Priced at just £12.99 the EcoTool Kabuki brush represents a great value for money and if you are on the market for a new brush I can highly recommend it.

MyPure Choice – New Make-up Essentials - Inika & EcoToolsMyPure Choice - New Make-up Essentials – Inika & EcoToolsDid you use any of these products?

What are your make-up essentials you have discovered lately?

*Products featured in this post were provided for free by MyPure for review purpose.

Giveaway – Beauty goodie bag including Lancome, St.Tropez and more

Lately I was so focused on writing that I have missed some important milestones on my blog, like the 250th post or my 300th follower…

As a thank you to all my lovely readers I would like to run a special giveaway. So, I have put together a beauty goodie bag which hopeful will make someone happy, unless you’re a fella, then it will make a lovely Xmas present for someone more suitable….

Beauty Goodie Bag

Goodies will include:

  • Lancome L.U.C.I Eyes 01 Ray of Green Light – this is white and green eye shadow in a beautiful pearl like case
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  • Boots, Blow Out mascara in blackest black
  • St. Tropez instant tan light/medium 50ml
  • St. Tropez instant glow face lotion 50 ml
  • + A lovely pink make-up bag to put them all in

All these products are new, never used or tested. I hope they will make a lovely gift for someone.

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Good Luck!


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