Lifespan of the shoe featuring Mist by Hotter

Lifespan of the shoe featuring Mist by Hotter

I am a huge shoe junky. If given a choice of handbags, jewellery, make-up or any other tempting goodies I will always go for the shoes… but I also have high standards… I love shoes but not just any shoes. For me a pair of shoes must have “soul”; they must be comfortable, well made, friendly for my feet and yes, they must look good too.

When we moved out of London I still wanted, indeed needed to fit my love of shoes into our new countryside lifestyle. Unfortunately this did mean replacing some of my brightly coloured and funky footwear with something more suitable for a “village” life, something that would be more in line with my age and the new type of activities that you do in the countryside; Yet something still classy, still comfortable, and yes still good quality and funky looking.

My search for such footwear had led me to Hotter.

I found myself a pair of Mist shoes – flat shoes with a breathable lining, cushioned insole and lightweight soles. When I tried them on I knew that these shoes will become my best friend and I just had to buy them.

At first they were just a going out daily shoes but very soon they became my go to shoes and once we got Lilly they turned into my walking shoes. I could walk in them for hours and hours either sun or rain; no matter the weather conditions my feet were dry, warm and comfortable.

I have had my first pair of Mist for 6 years now. During this time:

Mist by HotterI lost my insoles or at least a top part of it

Mist shoes by Hotter

The soles have developed visible signs of usage but are still intact and in perfect order

Brown Mist by Hotter

The shoes became a bit out of shape

My Mist by Hotter

And Bunk from time to time has had a chew on my shoe laces

That’s all… 6 long years of wear and tear and these are the only things I have to report. Yes, they might not look as nice and fresh as a brand new pair but they are still fully usable shoes; they still keep my feet dry and warm and provide the same comfort as they did the first day I tried them on (maybe even more as they have moulded to my feet over the years).

Last year I’ve got a new pair of Mist, exactly the same, also in brown. I have had them since February but I didn’t put them on until this October. I knew that I had this lovely, comfortable pair of shoes in my cupboard but I simply couldn’t say goodbye to my original pair… and I still didn’t. Now I use my 6 years old pair for the dog walking and any “dirty” work (like gardening) and my new pair are have now became my “go to town” pair of shoes 🙂

I’ve just checked the Hotter website and they no longer make Mist in brown, they do however have a beautiful red version now. I know I will not “need” a new pair for a long, long time yet I am extremely tempted by the new red ones.

Mist by Hotter are currently sold in a choice of four colours: black, navy, sangria (aka red) and smoke / limestone. They have an RRP of £90 and come in sizes from UK 3 up to UK 9. You can pick a standard or wide fit version. They feature GORE-TEX lining, have lace-up fastening and are built to last! I can personally vouch for all these points!

Lifespan of the shoe featuring Mist by Hotter.

If you are in the market for a new pair of walking shoes, look no further!

What’s your favourite pair of shoes?

Do you go for comfort or looks when it comes to footwear?

Review – Hi-Tec Harmony Lite Mid Waterproof Boots

My Choice, My boots, My Hi-Tec Harmony Lite Mid Waterproof
My Choice, My boots, My Hi-Tec Harmony Lite Mid Waterproof

For the last month I have had the pleasure to “test drive” a pair of  Hi-Tec Harmony Lite Mid Waterproof Boots. With 2 dogs which we walk at least twice a day a good pair of walking shoes or boots is a must. My first impression of the boots was very positive and after using them for a while now my opinion has not changed. I am very happy with the choice I made regarding this model.

Features of Hi-Tec Harmony Lite Mid Waterproof Boots:

  • Waterproof suede leather and high performance mesh uppers 02
  • Waterproof bootie construction
  • Ghilly and rust proof hardwear lacing system
  • Moisture-wicking lining keeps the foot dry
  • Bespoke Italian designed webbing, gives a sophisticated edge
  • Ortholite sockliner
  • Vibram rubber outsole
  • Harmony Lite Mid WP

The boots are extremely comfortable and well made. I especially liked the lacing system and the tongue, which is well padded. It allows me to fasten my boots tightly without hurting my ankles.


I have worn my Hi-Tec Harmony Lite Mid Waterproof Boots in both dry hot weather and on cold rainy days. They performed well in both situations.

On a hot day even after a 1hour+ walk, my feet were still dry and sweat didn’t pour from them like I had expected, which can only mean that my boots have some sort of breathing capabilities, and what a wonderful capability that is.


During the wet walk my feet were lovely and dry, which is something absolutely required taking into consideration our typical English weather and seemingly endless rain fall.

I have not had a need to clean my boots as yet, but looking at them closely I believe that it shouldn’t be a problem. The Nubuck leather uppers will be easily cleared with a sponge or a small brush. I did however spray them with leather protector, just in case… I want them to stay as pretty and new looking for as long as possible 🙂

To sum it up I am very happy with my new boots. They are great looking, and present fantastic value for money, especially now as you can save £25 of the recommended retails price making them only £49.99.


If you are looking for a new walking boots check Hi-Tec boots selection for women or man and I am sure you will be able to find something you like.


* Product was provided by Hi-Tec free of charge for review purposes. The opinions expressed in this review are honest and my own .

Hi-Tec Harmony Lite Mid Waterproof Boots – The First Impression

Hi-Tec logo

Thanks to Hi-Tec I have the opportunity to try the Hi-Tec Harmony Lite Mid Waterproof Boots.

As you know I am a shoe junky and I think that you can never have too many shoes. I love my shoes, but not just any shoes… I pick my shoes very carefully, not just for the look but mainly for their quality and usability. I like shoes which are made from natural materials and are healthy for my feet.  I prefer to spend more and buy something which will last and perform well. I tend not to buy cheap or seasonal shoes.

I can think of nothing better for a shoe lover than receiving an email which states:

We’d love you to review some walking boots – or walking shoes if you’d prefer.

Please view the available options from the links below –

Walking Shoes

Walking Boots

You can choose any product up to the value of £60

The choice wasn’t easy. I battled with myself a little between the shoes and the boots, but as I do not have a lot of confidence in the English summer I finally opted for the boots. With one choice made I was left with picking my favourite pair. After a long consideration I decided to “test drive” a pair of Hi-Tec Harmony Lite Mid Waterproof Boots.

A few days later I was surprised with a lovely parcel; surprised as I didn’t expect to receive them so soon.

My boots come well packed and secure
My boots come well packed and secure
As you would get from the shop, still looking perfect
As you would get from the shop, still looking perfect
Ooo nice all the information about my boots is on the box...
Ooo nice all the information about my boots is on the box…
Hmmm wibble wibble shoooooes....
Hmmm wibble wibble shoooooes….

In reality they look much better than in the pictures and they are much lighter than expected.

Sizing was perfect. I am between a UK 5 and UK 6, I picked the UK 6 so I would have enough space for a winter socks if/when needed. With my big wool socks on the boots fit spot on… and without the big socks I have just a little bit more space to wiggle my toes, I was hoping that this would be the case.

Now, all I need is for our English weather to get back to normal. I would love to try my boots on typical, wet and muddy English day.

So stay tuned, and once the weather turns I will bring you some more news on how my boots are performing on those long walks through the mud, puddles and uneven ground.

* Product was provided by Hi-Tec free of charge for review purposes. The opinions expressed in this review are honest and my own .

Review – Cheekyshoes

Lately I was reading a lot of glorious reviews about Cheekyshoes all over the internet. As a shoes junky I got a little jealous. I decided to write to Marcin from cheeky shoes in the hope that I will be given the opportunity to try them out as well. To my surprise he said yes. I could pick any shoes I wanted! That’s the way to make girl happy.

I browsed their website in search of my perfect pair. For this moment there is a choice of 6 lovely vibrant colours sold in 6 sizes UK3 – UK8:

–          Electric Blue

–          Luscious Lemon

–          Sparkling Orange

–          Sumptpous Cerise

–          Tomastic Red

–          Zesty Green

Cheekyshoes have polyurethane coating insole and lycra laminated neoprene upper.

I picked pair of Electric Blue, but Tomastic Red came as a very close second 🙂

Shoes are priced at £19.99 +pp … not too bad.

So I ordered my favourite pair and waited for the Post Man.

Few days later a lovely parcel landed on my door step.

Wooot my shoes were finally here. I just couldn’t wait to try them on.

cheeky parcel = cheeky shoes
cheeky parcel = cheeky shoes

First thing which hits you about Cheekyshoes is their weight – they are so unbelievably light. They are soft and pleasant to the touch; more like slippers, then shoes. When you put them on they blend in with your feet, and after a while you really forget that you are wearing shoes at all. There is no restrictions, they “mould” to the shape of your feet. The strap is extra flexible and doesn’t put any pressure on the bridge of your foot.

I was really over the moon with them.

At first, I wore them around the house as it was raining outside and they really aren’t shoes for big puddles 🙂 … but within a few days the weather cleared up and I was able to test walk them outside. It really doesn’t matter where you wear them; they still feel the same soft and comfortable. They have very soft sole, which bends easily making walking a pure pleasure.

They work well as a slippers as well
They work well as a slippers as well
Perfect summer shoes. I just love this colour.
Perfect summer shoes. I just love this colour.

To sum up Cheekyshoes are the perfect summer shoes. Lightweight, soft and fabulous looking!

And there will be some new designs coming out soon. Each design will be made in tiny amounts, so make sure you subscribe to cheeky shoes newsletter if you don’t want to miss out!

I just wish sun was out for longer so I can enjoy my new shoes
I just wish sun was out for longer so I can enjoy my new shoes

* Product was provided free of charge for review purposes. The opinions expressed in this review are honest and my own .