#Win with AGA Cookshop + Sardine & Oats Dog Cookies

#Win with AGA Cookshop + Sardine & Oats Dog CookiesIn the end of April AGA Cookshop added a beautiful Top Dog Textiles collection into their range. The collection is fashioned from stylish hand-drawn images of the most popular dogs, dotted across a base of warm cloth framed with a black trim.

Top Dog Textiles from AGA CookshopThere are five pieces in the collection and they all look truly beautiful and I am sure they would brighten up the kitchen of any dog lover. But this isn’t all, to share the love AGA is working with Dogs Trust and will donate 5% of all the proceeds to support this longstanding dog charity.

In the spirit of sharing love, I wanted to do something nice too, so I baked some yummy dog cookies for my furry friends 🙂

If you want to create a lovely treat for your own dog, you will need the following ingredients:Sardine & Oats Dog Cookies - Ingredients

  • 270g sardines in oil
  • 300g oats
  • 60g wholemeal flour
  • 1tsp garlic
  • 50ml stock (we used a chicken one)
  • A dash of olive oil (if your mixture is too dry)


Preheat your oven to 180C.

Prepare a large baking tray and line it with some baking paper.

Place your sardines in a large bowl, oil included, and mash them up with your fork.

Add garlic, flour, oats plus the stock of your choosing and mix until everything is nicely combined. If you mixture is too dry add a dash of olive oil.

Once you are able to form a ball which isn’t falling apart, move it onto your worktop and roll out flat until the mixture is about 1cm thick.

Sardine & Oats Dog Cookies in the makingUse a cookie cutter to cut out the doggy cookies and place them onto the earlier prepared baking sheet. They do not grow to any real extent so you don’t have to worry about spacing them out too much.

Pop your cookies into the preheated oven and bake for around 25 minutes, or until golden in colour and firm to the touch.

Sardine & Oats Dog CookiesSardine & Oats Dog Cookies straight from the ovenRemove from the oven and allow them to cool completely before serving.

Easy peasy isn’t it?

Both Lilly and Bunk went totally mad for the cookies.

Bunk & Lilly and Sardine & Oats Dog CookiesAfter all what’s not to like? They contain a lot of great tasting ingredients.

#Win with AGA Cookshop + Sardine & Oats Dog Cookies.#Win with AGA Cookshop + Sardine and Oats Dog CookiesWin with AGA Cookshop + Sardine & Oats Dog CookiesSo this is my treat for the week for my dogs.

As for you, my lovely readers, AGA Cookshop has offered to sponsor a giveaway for you in celebration of their new Top Dog Textile range. I have two double oven gloves to giveaway to two of you 🙂

To enter the giveaway and be in with a chance of winning one of these two fabulous looking and very useful double oven gloves simply complete the Gleam application below.

#Win a Double Oven Glove from AGA Cookshop Top Dog Textiles Collection

1. Open to UK readers only.
2. This giveaway is sponsored by AGA Cookshop.
3. There will be 2 winners chosen at random from all valid entries. Winner will be chosen by Gleam.
4. Each winner will receive 1 x Top Dog Double Oven Glove. The prize will only be fulfilled by AGA Cookshop.
5. The winner will have 7 working days to claim the prize, after this time, a new winner will be selected.
6. Closing date for the giveaway is Friday 26/06/2015 at 23:59pm, any entry made after this time will not be counted.

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155 thoughts on “#Win with AGA Cookshop + Sardine & Oats Dog Cookies

  1. We have always had yorkies. They are great companion dogs. Affectionate and love to be spoilt plus they are quite low maintenance.

  2. If I had to choose a breed, it would be the Bolognese because it’s like a small, cute, woolly sheepdog. But I love mongrels, too.

  3. I have a number of breeds Border Collie very intellegent, loyal.. Labrador Retriever, good workers….Shetland Sheepdogs, small compact, intelligent great agility dogs. And my final breed Afghan Hounds, elegant, beautiful, a breed who love one person

  4. I dont have a favourite breed as such – I prefer cross breeds of mongrels as they are hardier dogs. If I had to choose a specific pure breed then it would be a german sheppard just because we rescued them when I was a child and I have fond memories of them 🙂

  5. I love Labradors I was given one for my fourth birthday and she was my best friend and companion for 16 years an amazing dog

  6. Poodle, I was brought up with them- they are so faithful , brilliant with children and easy to care for

  7. I love all dogs and have 3, all different. i love the loving nature of my staffie and the intelligence of my border collie but the gentle nature of my mixed breed always pulls at my heartstrings

  8. My doggie has just had 2 operations in 1 go so this would cheer him right up with his collar comes off tomorrow 🙂

  9. Me & my husband want an old english sheepdog, My husband fell in love with the breed when he was reading up about breed characteristics and read that they can be very clumsy & it reminded him of himself.

  10. I prefer crossbreeds… I don’t really care what my dog looks like as long as he loves me 🙂 there are too many puppies already and dogs in rescue needing loving homes, I don’t believe in bringing new dogs into the world just because they look a particular way… unless you want a working breed of course.

  11. Staffordshire bull terriers, and why you ask?…………………………… because I own one and he’s the most playful , kind , loyal dog. Nothing like the bad reputation there chavs have given them x

  12. King Charles Spaniel – as I have recently adopted an old one and his temperament is exceptional and mannerisms bizarre

I love all comments :-)