K9 Kids Club at Barking Mad DTS

Whatever the weather – sun or rain – every Saturday at noon, your kids and dogs can join K9 Kids Club at Barking Mad DTS.

Our first training session with “rent a dog” a lovely black lab
Our first training session with “rent a dog” a lovely black lab

Yesterday it was our 3rd session at K9 Kids Club. The first week we had a rented dog as Bunk was blacked balled but nothing lost… Lilly took his place on the 2nd week; Lilly is smaller, much calmer and better behaved; she is also much older and simple doesn’t care for checking out every new person, dog, bush or tire on the field. E. loves these training sessions and now Saturdays are her favourite day of the week. She cannot stop talking about it afterwards to the point that she is creating a dog training presentation in power point with all the new tricks and new things that either the dog learns or she learns.  This way we are able to keep a good track and thus see if the training is paying off.

Lilly working hard for her dog biscuits :-)
Lilly working hard for her dog biscuits 🙂

Every session lasts 2 hours with a short break for some snacks and drinks during this time. Kids can join with their own dogs (if they are suitable for the class – not too big or to aggressive etc) or they can rent a dog if they don’t have one. I actually love the idea of a “rent a dog”. Just think about all those kids that want to have a dog, but having no idea what it really means to be a dog owner. This class can give them a small introduction to ownership and all the hard work which is needed in order to turn your new fluffy daft friend into an obedient companion.

Lessons are fun and well organized with the kids in mind. They teach you some basic commands like sit, stay or paw but also some funny one like speak, play dead, roll over, spin etc… This is the part where Lilly lacks knowledge a bit as she was never asked to do stuff like that before… but she is getting there. Yesterday Lilly did her own first full spin… of course dog cookies were involved so I am not really surprised.

Proud Lilly after completion of her first K9 training session
Proud Lilly after completion of her first K9 training session

In addition to learning tricks the kids have a lot of exercise as a result of hiding the ball – under the barrel, next to the barrel, inside the tires, on top of the hay stack or simply throw and fetch… there are even plans for making a ball hunt take place inside a real car… this was supposed to happen two weeks ago but so far as I am aware there were problems with the car, so we are still waiting for this one, which I am sure will be a lot of fun.

And to add to all of this there are 100s of tunnels, see-saws,  A-frames, weaves and raised walkways or other obstacles which you and your dog have to master.

It is really a great way of spending a few hours a week focused on your four legged friend.

And now with Halloween just around the corner, Barking Mad DTS are putting on a special event for kids – K9 Kids Halloween Special – 5 hours long event which will include lunch on Friday 1st of November. E. is so looking forward to this one.

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  1. I’ve heard of dog training classes but not one that you can “rent a dog”. Sounds like a really good option. Specialty for families / kids wanting to learn more about the responsibilities of owning a dog. 🙂

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