Introduction to Bunk

gimme a kiss


Hey my name is Bunk, although my great great great great granddad was from Newfoundland I was born in a little croft in the highlands of sausages! sorry I mean Scotland.

In 2 months time I will be 21 dog years old so I am in my prime and I like to …sausages! show everyone that I am indeed the centre of the universe. I am completely driven by my hormones at the moment and apart from… sausages! I am only interested in meeting the ladies. I do not know why but it came over me just a couple of months ago, there I was …sausages! sniffing a flower and I caught a scent, it was intoxicating. I buried my nose deep into the flower and the ground beneath it and filled my lungs with the heady aroma. I could tell so much about her, where …sausages! she slept, what had been eaten who she had licked it was all there to be …sausages! smelt. I had a taste and my teeth started to chatter, I was drooling like an old garden tap, this was it…puppy making time!

ooo something smells good
ooo something smells good
hmmm I wonder what's that smell
hmmm I wonder what’s that smell
ooops mummy calls
ooops mummy calls

Now when we go for walks, whilst Lilly (pretty but daft as a box of frogs) chases the ball for the thousandth time I have a greater mission, to sniff and water every flower, tree, post and bench in the entire park. Maybe if the big puppy in the sky shines on me I will get to meet my dream girl, or any of her mates all of whom are now in my mental “little black book”.

Oh I also love sausages…nom nom nom

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  1. Ha! I remember this time with Moses – when all he wanted to do was go for a walkabout in search of ladies. But neither of them are equipped with a boom box and a ballad – even though it worked so well for John Cusack.

      1. Moses was intact until he was 2 1/2 and his focus fluctuated until he was fixed – but post-neuter was so much easier. And he suddenly became interested in food after, too.

  2. Oh you have the same obsession like me? The Ladies? It’s a very difficult obsession, because they are hard to find… and if, then you have someone on the other end of the leash who says: STOP! …uh…oh… wish I would be a rabbit :o)

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