13 thoughts on “Cat Dilemma

  1. I have one kitty that stays in the house now. The one male I had fixed so he wouldn’t spray or make babies. Now he wants to pee everywhere. He is now outside kitty. He can’t make no girl cats pregnant so that’s good. He hangs out with the other two outside fixed cats I have. I have one little girl kitty. She is good. She wants out so bad but it isn’t going to happen. She is fixed too. I know she is not happy about not being able to go out. She has never been out and never will if I can help it.

    1. ;-(
      I feel for your little kitty girl.
      Why don’t you let her out?
      My ones go out when they want and come back home when they want… they don’t travel so far from home unless Gingers goes for a walk with us, then he has a real trip to uncharted territories.

  2. Either he is deciding to go out or stay in or he is deciding whther or not to wake up his human because it is past breakfast time and the sun is up (just ask my cat–she will tell you!)

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