Packed Lunches, Mexican Chicken and The Wrapper

Packed Lunches, Mexican Chicken and The Wrapper

I don’t know about you but given the choice I would take a packed lunch over a shop bought one any day. With so much nastiness going into our food these days it is nice to know what we are actually eating. This means making your own food from scratch from good quality locally sourced (if possible) ingredients.

A lot of people don’t prepare their own lunch. When asked why the most common answer would be lack of time and energy, lack of ability to actually cook or simply a lack of good will. Making your own lunch can be fun 🙂

A few days ago I prepared a quick and easy Mexican chicken which we used as a filling in our lunch sandwiches.

All you need is 15 minutes and you can have a tasty fresh chicken sandwich on your plate.



Heat up a heavy bottom frying pan.

Cut your chicken into desired size – 1cm x 1cm cubes work for me.

In a medium size bowl mix oil, chicken stock and flavour pot.

Add the chicken chunks into the bowl and mix well massaging the flavours into the chicken.

Fry on the well preheated frying pan for 10 to 12 minutes; stir and toss well to ensure that all pieces of the chicken are cooked.

Remove from the heat and allow it to cool down a little.

Add mayonnaise and mix gentry.

Serve with your favourite bread or as an addition to salad.

My Mexicans Chicken went into a sandwich. As it contained mayonnaise I didn’t even butter the thins 😉

Then my Mexican Chicken sandwiches went into The Wrapper… a brilliant product perfect for packed lunches.

The Wrapper is a reusable sandwich wrapper. It costs £5.50 and it comes in many lovely designs. I totally love the idea behind it; no more wrapping our food in foil or paper. Now everyone has their own personal wrapper to keep their food fresh for longer.

The Wrapper is extremely easy to use:

Packed Lunches, My Mexican Chicken and The Wrapper

And if it gets dirty you simply wipe it clean 😉

Not only is it perfect for packed lunches but it also doubles as an eating mat. No more crumbs in the car; no more eating from the dirty table in the park and no more unnecessary rubbish.

I hope that The Wrapper idea takes off and it becomes a must have product in every household. Can you even imagine how many tons of rubbish we could avoid if everyone swapped to it and simply wrapped their food in The Wrapper?

Packed Lunches, Mexican Chicken and The Wrapper.

What do you think? Would you use The Wrapper in your own home?

29 thoughts on “Packed Lunches, Mexican Chicken and The Wrapper

  1. I love the wrapper idea – anything to minimize waste. At my kid’s school here in Canada they ‘boomerang’ all lunch waste home – wrappers, scraps, everything – so it remains in the interest of the family to limit rubbish. We have those clik-lock reusable plastic containers in all sizes and reusable water bottles and once you separate out our recyclables (paper, card, glass, tins, plastic and compostable waste) we one to one and a half black bags a month – and we’re a family of five!

    1. Lovely to hear that you love the Wrappers! Free postage runs out today but if you mention you’d seen the Wrappers on the Bark Time Blog on my twitter @rewrapit or Facebook page re-wrap-it then I’ll extend the free postage for you.
      Have a good easter.

    1. just give the inside a wipe with a cloth and if the outside gets grubby over time just give it a rinse in the sink like a rag. It’s a poly cotton outer layer so no shrinkage issues!

  2. I love that wrapper, what a great idea, I would definitely use it. We are trying to make as much of our food as we can – after a trip to Italy to see how they make all their own food we are trying to make changes!!

  3. Loving the look of those lunch wrappers – they are so me. We try to reuse stuff, but cling film often comes into the equation. I make packed lunches for hubby and my son most days, so nice to get some new ideas.

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