Do healthy sweets and treats actually exist?

We all know that eating too much sugar is bad for us… It has been shown that it is actually far worse than fat on our bodies. When you look around at products in your supermarket you will often see lots of fat free or reduced fat products but what about that sugar? A lot of companies are changing recipes and ingredients to reduce sugar in their products but is it enough?

Children aged 4 to 8 who average 1,600 calories per day should limit added sugar to about 3 teaspoons (12 grams) a day. This is such a small amount of sugar! You can find it in just one serving of breakfast cereals 🙁 And when you start looking at the ingredients list of product, sugar is almost everywhere even in your salted crisps or ketchup… we eat sugars in foods we wouldn’t normally expect it to be, for example it was in a salad bowl I bought for lunch one day, why? And then comes pudding time and time for a treat…

So my question is: Do healthy sweet treats actually exist?

Do healthy sweets and treats actually existWell, seek and you will find!

Have you ever heard about Marlenka Honey Cakes?

Marlenka is a delicious all natural honey and nut cake made according to an old Armenian family recipe. A secret family procedure is used to make the milk and honey cream mixture that holds the layers of cake together. The top of the cake is drizzled with chocolate icing. Thanks to its unique taste and attributes it has quickly become a favourite delicacy in many European countries and now it is present in the United Kingdom as well.

Marlenka cakes are 100% natural – no preservatives, synthetic colouring or thickeners.

Yes, they are sweet and yes, they contain sugar which is found in the honey but these are natural ingredients not processed, and natural products are much more healthy and beneficial for us, especially kids.

The Love Marlenka online shop offers a lovely selection of sweet treats suitable for any occasion. There are:

  • Snack Bars in classic honey, cocoa honey and lemon honey flavour. These are perfect one person snacks and have an RRP of just £0.99
  • Mini Cakes which come in original honey and cocoa honey flavour. These make a perfect treat for sharing or just for satisfying bigger individual sweet cravings and have an RRP of £1.99
  • Honey Cakes which come in original honey and cocoa honey flavour and are idea for a family celebration or just an after dinner treat. They retail at £11.99
  • Honey Nuggets, which yet again comes in a choice of three flavours just like the snack bars: classic honey, cocoa honey and lemon honey. Each box retails at £5.99 and contains 10 honey nuggets so a lot of small treats to go around.

I find that Marlenka products do not taste like anything else you can buy from the shops. They taste home baked and give me this warm fuzzy comfort feeling.

I love honey and I love cakes (which you most likely know judging by the amount of bakes on my blog) so a honey cake is simply the perfect combination for me; add to this that it’s all natural ingredients and you have the perfect sweet treat, which not only taste delicious but is good for you too.

Have you ever tried any Marlenka products?

What is your choice for a healthy sweet treat?

Are you concerned by the amount of sugar in our diet these days?

28 thoughts on “Do healthy sweets and treats actually exist?

  1. I’m amazed at the things that i thought were healthy but have loads of sugar in. I’ve been buying cranberry juice instead of fizzy drinks and that’s about 25% sugar, I thought it was just fruit juice and water. I love honey but if these are made with nuts too it’s a no-no but will investigate further 🙂

  2. Natural sugar has to be an improvement, particularly with the rise in artificial sweeteners as an alternative, which is a concern. I don’t think I’ve tried these, but they do sound nice!

  3. I have never heard of this brand but they certainly sound yummy. Especially the mini cakes. I am not really a sweet toothed person. May have a little bite of chocolate or a biscuit here and there. My Hubby and Daughter are the complete opposite and love to eat cake all the time. These treats would be perfect for them!

  4. I’ve slowly realised how detrimental to my health sugar is, and have cut it from my diet for about 3 weeks now and really do feel the benefits. Any sugar I do have comes in the form of fruit, or from honey. these sound yummy

  5. Yes, I’m concerned, nope…never heard of these, but now I want to try them and we eat a lot of veggies, but something sweet would be nice

  6. I’ve never heard of these but will need to look for them. I’m always looking for healthy snacks and sometimes the crunch of a cookie-type dessert is so satisfying. I’d love to try these. Thanks for the recommendation.

  7. I have not heard of these but I am always looking for healthy sweet snacks for our daughter who loves sweets. I have to check these out for sure, they look really yummy.

  8. I’m HUGELY concerned, partly as my children are on strict exclusion diets for health reasons and free from food is full of sugar to disguise the lack of flavour. It means I make everything from scratch, but their diet is fruit heavy and even that is full of sugar. Veg all the way tbh, and lots of cashew nuts for us.

  9. We maybe bake a cake once a week, if that and sweets are a rarity so the occasional sweet treat has never really bothered me as a parent. But I do like the sound of these honey cakes!

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