12 Delicious Matcha Recipes

12 Delicious Matcha RecipesHave you ever even heard about matcha?

Matcha green tea powder is an amazing source of antioxidants including the powerful EGCg, fibre, chlorophyll and vitamins like vitamin C, selenium, chromium, zinc and magnesium; it boosts metabolism, burns calories, calms the mind and relaxes the body… it is truly a source of wonders!

Lately, during my journey towards the new me, I stumbled into the unusual world of matcha. Thanks to Kiss Me Organics I became the proud owner of some Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder of a culinary grade and… surprise surprise… hardly any idea what to do with it next.

Luckily my purchase came with a recipe book, handy hey?

My e-book contained over 50+ recipes for drinks and cocktails, smoothies, breakfast dishes, sweets, breads, pizza, soups, even poultry and seafood. It was becoming apparent to me that this matcha was proving to be both useful and versatile but I was hungry for more… I wanted to know what else I could create with matcha…

I’ve searched the wondrous internet for more inspiration on how to use it. I came across some wonderful recipes which will keep me going all day long.

As it ended up matcha is indeed very versatile and it would seem it can be used in or with almost anything. Currently I am perfecting my breakfast matcha pancake recipe, which I want to make gluten free… it isn’t ready for publishing or even viewing as yet but hopefully it will be very soon… in the meantime I’ve decided to create a recipe round up… just in case you have or are going to discover matcha and end up stuck for some matcha inspiration too.

White Chocolate Matcha LatteWhite Chocolate Matcha Latte
White Hot MatchocolateWhite Hot MatchocolateMatcha Green Tea LatteMatcha Green Tea LatteMatcha Smoothie with pineapple, kale and coconutMatcha Green Tea and Pineapple SmoothieBurmese Steamed Coconut Buns with MatchaBurmese Steamed Coconut Buns with MatchaHomemade Lemon-Matcha Pasta with PistachiosHomemade Lemon-Matcha Pasta with Pistachios
Dippy Egg with Matcha Toast SoldiersDippy Egg with Matcha Toast Soldiers
Green Tea Soup NoodlesGreen Tea Soup Noodles
Lemon Matcha MintsLemon Matcha Mints
Matcha Shortbread CookiesMatcha Shortbread Cookies
Strawberry Oat Matcha MuffinsStrawberry Oat Matcha Muffins
Matcha Macarons with Red Bean FillingMatcha Macarons with Red Bean Filling

Have you discover the wonderfulness of matcha yet?

Have you ever tried to cook with it?

If so, what is your favourite matcha recipe?

23 thoughts on “12 Delicious Matcha Recipes

  1. Im so weird. Green foods freak me out.
    I know they are most likely good for me – But in the back on my head I’m like yuck yuck yuck LOL
    I will look into trying more green food though.
    Thanks for sharing hun
    Charlotte x

  2. I’ve used Kiss Me Organics before! Really strong stuff.. Had never considered dippy egg soldiers before, I think I’ll give that combo a try! Hope it tastes good..

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