Top 3 Toys for Large & Giant Dogs

Top 3 Toys for Large & Giant DogsIt is common sense that owning a large or giant breed dog will cost more, but as much as we think about food, treats and vet bills we hardly ever consider their toys.

To be honest, finding a suitable toy for my two guys so that they can safely play together for more than 30 minutes was a nightmare.

We used to buy so many different toys that it felt like in bulk, some of them would survive one play session, some wouldn’t even last that long.

I suppose it is different when you have a small dog or even just one dog but when you have two of them and both are super competitive and love playing together, you really need something which will be able to withstand all that power, excitement and strong jaws.

I knew about Kong toys as we have bought some when Bunk was still a puppy but I always felt that they are way overpriced. For the price of one Kong toy I could get three or four different, other brand labelled ones… well, as they say, you get what you pay for. After trying an endless range of cheap toys, we splashed out and started buying Kong products and I have to admit, Kong toys are worth every penny and we have never been disappointed with any of them.

These are the best, virtually indestructible, toys for dogs and so I would love to share with you my top three picks from the Kong collection.

Top 3 Toys for Large And Giant Dogs - Kong Extreme FlyerKong Extreme Flyer

Brilliant! Super soft and super light yet extremely durable. Bunk and Lilly have been pulling and fighting over our flyer for months now and it is still in one piece and it looks like new (well, after a wash that is).

Kong Air Fetch Stick with Rope

This is basically a tennis ball shaped like a stick… and with added rope. Again, the toy is light yet durable plus it floats making it ideal for both land walks and visits to your local water or seaside.

Kong Extreme

We now actually have quite few of them around the house. Some we use as intended for hiding treats in to keep the dog occupied for a while trying to retrieve them, but that isn’t all. When one day we struggled to find a good ball on a rope to play fetch with Lilly (Bunk not so much as he knows he can’t run as fast as Lilly) Mark got an idea… why not attached a piece of rope to one of our Kong’s… so that is exactly what we did. We used a red classic Kong and turned it into a brilliant new toy.

So this is it, my top toys for large and giant dogs.

Top 3 Toys for Large & Giant Dogs - Kong Extreme FlyerTell me, which toys would be on your list?

Are you a fan of Kong toys as well or your pooch is happy with a simple tennis ball?

By the way, I have nothing against tennis balls in general as a toy but with Lilly and Bunk chasing after one the life expectancy is measured in minutes and Bunk can swish it around his mouth and chomp on it like it was a gobstopper.

14 thoughts on “Top 3 Toys for Large & Giant Dogs

  1. Kong is just the best. If Kong and Hear Doggy collaborated on a silent squeaky toy that was good for strong hounds that would be awesome.

    Threading rope through kongs to make them better for throwing is how the local coppers train their dogs. 😉

  2. In the days when we had a household full of dogs, it seemed impossible to find toys for big dogs. We had St Bernards and Great Danes running around the garden at one point. It made us very inventive in creating toys for them to play with.

  3. Kong toys are brilliant. I have the opposite problem, because I have smaller dogs- one with a small mouth it means I have to look for toys that she can easily get hold of. x

  4. Our dog’s only little, but he also has an ability to destroy toys pretty quickly when given half the chance! The Kong toys are really good – ours prefers the softer toys with the rope in the middle – he doesn’t play much when he’s outside the house!

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