Infographic – 9 Amazing Facts About Your Pet’s Eyes

In support of Battersea Dogs & Cats Home’s new vet hospital, Lenstore has launched their #LoveYourPetsEyes campaign. Highlighting eye conditions in dogs and cats, they’ve created a fun infographic with 9 amazing facts about your pet’s eyes.

How much do you know about your dog’s eyes and how they see the world?

Find out why their eyes appear to glow in the dark and why humans are the odd ones out!

9 Amazing Facts About Your Pet

16 thoughts on “Infographic – 9 Amazing Facts About Your Pet’s Eyes

  1. Love this! I have one dog whose eyes are red instead of silver when they reflect light. I wonder what is different about his. The television thing is neat, I’d never heard that before.

  2. This is so interesting!
    We’re watching a film and I keep on interrupting to tell my boyfriend these facts haha 🙂
    X X

  3. Great facts. I didn’t know most of these. I know my dog’s eyes glowed in the dark, I remember coming up the stairs one day in the dark and all I could see was eyes looking at me haha

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