Winter in the country – Top 5 Winter Fashion Essentials

Winter in the country is not the same as a winter in the city, despite the air having the same temperatures, city walls, tall busy buildings and 100s of hot cars in traffic jams make every city feel warmer and cosy, when in the open countryside it’s just you and the elements.

I know that when it comes to fashion we all have our likes, dislikes and often different tastes but if you are living in the countryside I believe you will have the same basic needs as me… one being to wrap up warm so you are ready to face the forces of nature outside.

So today I would like to share with you my top 5 fashion essentials for surviving winter in the countryside.

Winter in the country – Top 5 Winter Fashion EssentialsHat
I might be biased here because I love hats in general, not only in winter, so for me a good hat is a must. I hardly ever leave my house without a hat and if I do this is only because I am wearing a hoodie 🙂 I remember both as a child and a teenager I hated hats! I always thought they were uncool and made me look like a dork. It was only during my uni years that I actually started to develop my love for head wear and since that time my hat collection has ever so slowly kept growing.

This is yet another essential which is a must have for any outdoor activity during winter time. Not only will it will keep you warm but a nice scarf can add so much to your entire outfit. Remember accessorising can be very useful as well as fun.

Mark says that I am cold blooded as my hands and feet are always freezing (well, I say that my blood pressure is low, but hey ho what does he know) so for that reason alone I always, always have a pair of gloves in my jacket pocket.

Again this has something to do with me being cold blooded but I hate having cold feet, especially during winter time. Good quality, thick, warm, preferably wool socks can make such a difference to achieving toasty feet.

Snow boots
Well, we might not have the snow very often but despite the name snow boots can be used when no snow has fallen as well 😉 Super warm, waterproof and breathable they offer all I am looking for in my winter footwear.

This is my list of basic essentials for winter in the countryside.

Did I miss something?

Would you replace one of my picks with something else?

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