How to keep your dog cool in the hot weather

It is hot here! Really really really hot! Mark doesn’t even remember the last time summer was like this. Normally in the UK the hot weather stays for maybe a few days and then goes away…. this year the heat doesn’t seem to want to go anywhere (for now)

Dogs (and cats for that matter) aren’t so good at cooling themselves and they over heat easily, so it is very important to help them stay cool. Remember only mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the noon day sun!

Here are a few steps we can take to help our dogs survive this heat wave.

1. Grooming

Make sure that your beloved pet is well groomed and their fur is detangled. All excess fur stops air flow, which means that the cooler air isn’t able to reach the skin.

2. Shade

If your dog is going to be left outside make sure it has some shaded place to hide. Do not leave your dog outside in a sun trap if there is no cool spot for them!

3. Cold drinking water

Make sure that your dog always has fresh, cool water available. In this heat water will become warm much quicker, so it will need replacing frequently.

4. Paddling pool

If you have space in your garden you can set up a paddling pool and place it in a shaded part of your garden. Most dogs love to jump into a pool in order to play, cooling themselves in the process. If a paddling pool is not an option you can maybe put a lawn sprinkler on to achieve the same effect. If this is also out of the question use a bucket of water or just wet one of your dog towels and place it on the floor. Remember even a little water is better than none.

Mum, We gonna need a bigger boat!
Mum, We gonna need a bigger boat!

5. Shade your house

If you dog is left inside the house, make sure that your rollers or curtains are closed. This will prevent sun from streaming into the room and heating things up. It might be ideal to leave a bathroom door open (if you have nice cool tiles) as it might become a perfect sleeping spot for your dog in the hot weather.

6. Freeze the food

You can try making some doggie “ice-cream” for your pet. Prepare their food like you always would but this time add some stock to bind it together and then freeze the lot – ideally in plastic bag; then remove the food from the freezer when its time to feed your dog. In the hot weather they will really enjoy chomping on the cold food and you can have endless fun an photo opportunities watching them “lick” their frozen dinner.

7. Replace chain collar

If you dog wears a chain collar, replace it with a leather or fabric one. Chain collars will heat up much quicker and become scolding hot this may cause burns on your pets skin. Also make sure that any dog tags that are made from metal do not touch the skin directly.

8. Don’t play during the day

With these high temperatures during the day it is really not advisable to play with your pet during this time. Move your walks to early morning and late evening’s hours and try to avoid exercising your pet during the day.

In case you think I missed something or if you have any different ideas on cooling your dog please share them with us.

If you need any advice regarding your pet health please visit Pet Health Information. They have extended guides and deal with all sort of pets from dogs to rats and mice or even birds.  You can also find there great Cool for cats article.

*Post written in collaboration with Pet Health Information.

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  1. We’re in the UK too and have been freezing strawberries and melon for Alfie! He got a new paddling pool this year too, it must be hot for such fluffy dogs this weather. 🙂

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