How to please your cat

How to please your catWell, this is the million dollar question…

Cats aren’t like any other creatures, they aren’t as predictable as dogs and if you want to please them you really have to think hard as to what might give them some pleasure today.

When it comes to my two cats they are both very different, they like different things and they seem to gain pleasure by totally different activities. Mr. Ginger likes his cuddles, he will come and lay on your laps and wait for cuddles, when they aren’t coming he can be quite persistent with his demands; he is a very cuddly creature and if I feel like this is a good cuddles time I can simply pick him up and lets the session begin. Odie on the other hand isn’t as easily pleased… there is no way I can “force” a cuddle session on him; he likes to watch and observes the room around him but he will only allow any cuddle sessions to happen when he feels like it.

They aren’t full time indoor cats so they get their fair amount of climbing and chasing of things outside but it is nice to have something special for them when they return home… a new toy, scratching post, catnip plant… well all these things are good whilst they last but both of them seem to get bored very quickly.

Very often they will find unexpected object around the house and make it their favourite toy of the day… boxes and paper bags are on the top of their list of good times. Yet all that said there is definitely one constant thing which makes the happy at any time of the day… food!

Oh yes, both my cats are driven by food.

If by any chance I am late with supper, oh boy, you can be sure they will let me know by being very vocal. Their evening meal of a sachet of wet food seems to be the one constant thing which brings them pleasure every time and I know this is the only way I can please them without making a fool of myself.

Felix created an interesting video on How to please your cat. Have you watched it?

Can you relate to this behaviour? I know I can 😉

What do you do to try and please your cats?

*Post written in collaboration with Purina FELIX.

12 thoughts on “How to please your cat

  1. We were never able to have a cat when I was a child as the hair brought on Dad’s asthma attacks. We are still unable to have one as Dad visits regularly. He’s ok with most dogs though so we have one of those instead. I love the photo of your cat – gorgeous creature.

  2. Unfortunatley my manx passed away last year… But he had a cat tree, lots of toys that I would rotate, and treats, too. He was a pretty simple feline and was content with that. His favorite activity was chasing after mice, which kept him occupied for hours on end! He actually got rid of our mouse problem at our old house.

  3. I haven’t had a cat in 7 years. They are fickle and your right they are weird when it comes to wanting attention. I now have three dogs now. I wouldn’t know what to do without them.

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