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One of the perks of being a blogger is the opportunity to try products from brands I would most likely never have found on my own. With my dry and sensitive skin I am always on the lookout for new natural skin care products, but I have to admit, I’ve never came across Sinivalia before.

Sinivalia – UK Made Natural Skin CareSinivalia was founded by a team of women passionate about skin care who literally travelled the world in search of superior skin care ingredients. Their promise:

  • Never to test product on animals
  • Every product is safe, effective and gentle
  • Every products is manufactured to the highest standards with strict quality controls
  • 100% money back guarantee in case you are less than satisfied with the product

Well, with promises like that who wouldn’t want to try their range?

I was offered to pick a few products which would suit me best. I went for: Rose Gel – Natural Daily Moisturiser simply because it’s pink and I’ve never had a pink moisturiser before and a Face Cream which can be used by all skin types; these types of creams are always useful around the house so it seemed like a great choice.

So how are the products in use?

Let’s start with the Rose Gel, RRP £49.99 for 120ml, currently on sale at £21.99

Sinivalia – UK Made Natural Skin Care – Rose Gel – Natural Daily MoisturiserThe gel is pink! In addition to being pink which is super cute it’s extremely light and soothing with great moisturising properties. It absorbs very quickly leaving a lovely smell behind. Normally I am all pro scent free creams but I actually truly adore this rose gel… maybe because it smells of roses and who doesn’t love roses? I am not able to fault the gel itself or its properties in any way, I am however a little disappointed when it comes to packaging. The gel comes in a jar… ok, this is fine and despite the fact that this is my least favourite container for a cream I could live with it but the jar doesn’t have any security measures to assure that the product received it actually brand new and never used… there is no seal on the rim of the jar itself, there is so sealed wrapper around the jar, there is no box… I know it might be my OCD talking right now but as this is a face cream with RRP of £49.99 some sort of step to assure it has a tamper-proof protection would be nice or indeed expected.

Now, let’s move to the Face Cream, RRP £39.99 for 150ml, currently on sale at £21.99

Sinivalia – UK Made Natural Skin Care – Face CreamFirst thing you notice is, it’s the size of the jar – a giant 150ml. The cream itself is pure white and extremely silky. From the first time I tried it, I really liked it. The cream is lightweight and it spreads with ease, kind of gliding on your skin leaving it super smooth, soft and well moisturised. The scent of the cream is quite strong but not very girly so I am sure it could be used by the male population as well with no big objections. Again, I really like the product inside but have the same problem when it comes to the packaging. The complete lack of any kind of protection against it having been opened before is very off putting, especially that both products have no expiry date, only PAO (period after opening).

So, to sum it up.

I like both creams… the creams as in the product inside the jars… but the packaging a big no, no for me.

Both creams are priced well, taking into consideration their natural ingredients list and their size, but unless the packaging will get some sort of make-over I wouldn’t re-order them.

Have you ever came across Sinivalia before?

What about that super cute pink gel face cream?

3 thoughts on “Sinivalia – UK Made Natural Skin Care

  1. I agree with you on packaging, It’s so important to have good labelled and attractive looking products, yes they may be brilliant but no one will buy it if it doesn’t give a good impression.
    Thanks for the review, now we know it’s good to use!

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