11 thoughts on “Our Little Stealer!

    1. Yeap… this seems to be a problem… he is always hungry for all but his own food…
      Both cats have dry food available in their bowls all the time… do they eat it? yeap but only AFTER they made sure no other food source is accessible to them

  1. Ahh this pic is hilarious!! We once found my mates cat with whipped cream on its face, it had go on top of the kitchen counter and knocked a cover off a victoria sponge! It was hilarious but I was angry I couldn’t eat my cake πŸ™ x

    1. Oh no! not a cake!
      Mr.Ginger steals a lot of things but I never before was able to take a shot of him like this… he always hides in desperate try of pushing the blame on someone else…

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