The 7 Types of Pet Owner – Which Are You?

Some people happily treat their pets as a part of the family, while others think of their pets more as part of the furniture. What type of pet owner are you? Do you fall into one of these categories or are you a mix of two or more?

The Goldfish Owner

You leave other people to worry about whether dogs are better than cats safe in the knowledge that the humble goldfish trump them all – they’re low maintenance, cheap, and there’s little chance of you becoming too attached to them.


The Animal Adopter

You love animals so much that just the thought of one in distress causes you to tear up. Consequently your home has begun to resemble a makeshift animal shelter, with cats, dogs, bunnies, gerbils and anything else that you can look after being offered a warm welcome. Recently you’ve been thinking about relocating somewhere bigger, simply in order to make room for more animals in need.


The Not-got-a-pet-yet Pet Owner

You fawn over other people’s pets and jump at the opportunity to do a spot of pet-sitting if given the chance, but you aren’t quite ready for one of your own just yet due to your hectic work schedule and manic social life. Until you have a pet of your own you’ll find yourself daydreaming about what breed of dog would suit you best or what name you’d give your cat.


The part of the family owner

You celebrate your pet’s birthday by showering them with treats and make sure that they get to enjoy Sunday Roast like the rest of the family. You wouldn’t dream of shutting them outside in the cold – in fact they’re much more likely to curl up at the end of your bed. Of course, just like with any other family member you have your falling outs, but you could never stay angry with your pet and there’s nothing better than making up.

Birthday boy

The Pet Pam perer

More than just a friend, or even a family member, your pet is a first class fashion accessory and a regular at your local dog grooming business. You spoil it with the finest quality organic pet food to ensure its coat stays glossy and you’ve made sure that its colour complements your skin tone after a spray tan. It probably has a slightly ridiculous name and yes, of course it fits in your handbag.


The replacer

Nobody could ever accuse you of mistreating your pets – you follow vet’s instructions precisely and have read up extensively on the best way of caring for them -it’s just that you’ve been terribly unlucky, and after the loss of a gerbil, hamster and rabbit all within a few months of each other, you’re beginning to wonder if you’re jinxed.


The Reluctant Owner

There’s an animal that lives in your house, but you don’t really consider it yours – you bought it because the kids wouldn’t stop pestering you, or your partner thought it would be such a great idea to have a pet they went ahead and got one without asking you. Even though you never wanted the pet, you find that you’re the one usually feeding it or cleaning up after it. While you imagine you’re immune to your pet’s charms you’ve caught yourself overwhelmed by cuteness on more than one occasion.


This article was written by David Lewzey of helpucover.

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39 thoughts on “The 7 Types of Pet Owner – Which Are You?

  1. We’re probably nearest the ‘part of the family’ pet owner… felt very odd the other day writing down a list of our pets- two cats, a dog and a kitten. Three moved from Yorkshire to Wales with us. And whilst the cats do live outside, they sleep on our beds! Nothing I ever predicted.

  2. definately part of the family owner, we have two german sheperds which by the way are bigger than me and i never get the sofa or my bed due to them stealing it lol x

  3. I don’t think I fit into any of those categories. I look at animals from afar and think they are cute but I don’t want anymore responsibility lol

  4. I am ‘a part of the family owner’. In fact my dogs are better than most of my family especially OH’s 🙂 My mum is an ‘animal adopter’, going round to my parent’s house is like visiting a small petting zoo. I opened her wardrobe and there was a cat in there hiding and in the garage was a recovering pigeon.

  5. I’m on the not yet a pet owner list, but I am desperate for a dog! F has already asked for a peach coloured dog called Abney when he turns six. x

  6. I have only had pet rabbits, I have a bunny rabbit at my house. never had any other pets defo no a dogs fan with all that’s been going on .x

  7. definitely part of the family:-)
    Funny to read this today, did you see the Daily Mail article about the women who resents having to take care of her dog?

  8. We are non pet owners but happy holiday-time pet sitters!! It gives us a chance to look after some animals but without the commitment of day to day looking after of pets!!

  9. I’m a gold fish owner and I’ve had a dog in the past.
    Believe it or not Goldfish are no longer cheap like before. I went to buy one and they said I had to have a massive tank, a filter, feed them, clean them weekly, do a massive clean monthly and use loads of products to stop them getting ill. Nothing simple about them anymore. lol
    Nice post.

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