#MotherAgain – Time to End Backstreet Breeding

#MotherAgain – Time to End Backstreet Breeding

A mother… again… and again… and again… and again…

Every year, countless defenceless dogs are forced to repeatedly produce litters of puppies by unlicensed breeders and are then sold for easy money. They are mothers again and again before being callously abandoned, having served their only purpose; to make a profit.

Their litters are sold to owners who are often unaware of their origins before its too late, or worse, dumped when they fail to sell. Such over breeding can cause countless health defects and temperament problems in each generation.

Leading animal welfare charity, Battersea Dogs & Cats Home is urging prospective dog owners to think twice about how and where they buy a dog, in an attempt to crack down on the horrific and cruel practice of backstreet dog breeding.

The relentless breeding of dogs usually in dirty, squalid conditions takes place throughout neighbourhoods up and down the country, so Battersea has decided to launch a major campaign – End Backstreet Breeding – calling for a clamp down on the many undercover dog breeders that profit from their cruel treatment of these animals.

The world famous animal charity is calling for:

A ban on the sale of puppies under eight weeks’ old. The current law allows for litters to be separated from their mothers at less than eight weeks old, to be sold on by pet shops when they are 12-weeks-old. Separating a mum from her puppies at such a young age denies her young from vital life and socialisation skills.

The introduction of a required breeding licence for any household producing two or more litters per year. A breeding licence is at the moment only required for a household producing more than five litters a year. Producing so many puppies has serious health and welfare implications for the mother.

Dogs used for backstreet breeding whose sole purpose is to make money are usually forced to lead a miserable life. They are frequently kept in cramped, uncomfortable conditions, are more often than not never exercised and are just used to produce litter after litter, with no regard for their health and even less for their happiness. Totally exhausted and inevitably under socialised, these dogs are all too often thrown onto the streets once they have served their purpose to fend for themselves until caught and entered into the “system”.

Battersea Ambassador Paul O’Grady is supporting the campaign and says:
“I’ve seen first-hand the poor, damaged dogs in Battersea’s kennels that have been bred from over and over again. It sickens me to think what these dogs go through before they’re dumped on the streets broken and unloved. The awful thing is that backstreet breeders are everywhere lining their pockets from the demand for puppies. If there’s one thing we can all do it’s to make sure we think about where we’re getting a puppy from. Visit a rescue centre or a registered breeder and help Battersea end backstreet breeding.”

If you are planning to buy a dog please spend some time and find a reputable breeder. The Kennel Club offers an excellent advice on how to pick a right breeder. Yes it will obviously cost more to buy your dog, but you will know the history and more importantly the mental state of your new found family member. Though never undervalue the importance of the small step you have taken to help eradicate the backstreet breeder.

And if you have two minutes to spare please email your MP today and help us change the law. No pet should be forced to breed again and again and again… no matter how profitable.

To spread the word about the campaign please share it with hashtag #MotherAgain

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