What’s Cooking – BBQ Basics – Pork Belly Kebabs

#MorrisonsMum BBQ Basics  Pork Belly Kebabs.

This is one of those cheap and cheerful recipes, which can be adapted to suit your taste.

Pork belly is a cheap cut, which a lot of people will skip over while making dinner plans. You can pick them up when on the special offer for around £5 per kilo; and it is perfect BBQ meat. The fatty parts will reduce and baste the meat while on the BBQ leaving you with a tasty, juicy on the inside and crisp on the outside meat pieces.

The ingredients list in not set in stone so you can mix and match depending on your fridge and cupboard contents. If you are not a huge fan of peppers replace them with a baby corn or maybe a lovely chunk of courgette. You can always add more veggies into the mix… the more the merrier.

Pork belly kebabs is a simple and fairly quick to make recipe; and it is extra tasty too 😉 It will serve well as a self standing meal or make a perfect addition to a party platter.


  • 350g pork belly
  • 350g cherry tomatoes (£0.95 at Morrisons)
  • 150g button mushrooms (£0.65 at Morissons)
  • 2 large peppers
  • Handful of small onions or shallots
  • Salt and pepper to taste


Wash your pork belly, remove the skin it and cut into chunks.

Wash all the veggies.

Cut your mushrooms in half (or 4 if you got a biggie).

Cut onions and peppers into large chunks (make sure you don’t over cut onions as they might fell to pieces later on; they need to stay fairly big – we just cut one in 4).

Take the skewer and start placing your ingredients. Important tip: do not place them to tight together. They need to be close but not rammed one on top of each other.

Use salt and pepper to add some flavouring… or if you feeling adventurous add some chilli flakes or a hot paprika into the mix; garlic powder will work well too.

Now that your kebabs are all ready it is time to cook.

#MorrisonsMum BBQ Basics  Pork Belly Kebabs#MorrisonsMum BBQ Basics Pork Belly Kebabs

We used our Primo BBQ / smoker for making our pork belly kebabs but any BBQ should do the job as well.

If you are going to grill it directly on the BBQ shelves you might want to oil them a bit just to avoid any food sticking into it…

BBQ them for about 20 minutes and do not forget about turning them over every 5 minutes or so… you will see when they are ready… they will “speak” to you when the time is up 😉

Serve hot… or not…

#MorrisonsMum BBQ Basicsmy my Pork Belly Kebabs

They go very well together with our Baby Potato Salad with Onion and Mint I shared with you earlier.

#MorrisonsMum BBQ Basics Pork Belly Kebabs.

Enjoy if you are going to try them out… and if not… why not?

Don’t you love a good BBQ?

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  1. Yummy! These look great! For some reason we haven’t had a bbq yet this year…I always find them more of a hassle than cooking in the kitchen and eating outdoors (which we do all the time!).

  2. We wouldn’t usually do pork on the bbq at all, and for me, belly’s too fatty. Being beef farmers we tend to do steak, then chicken, homemade sausage etc. I do like kebabs though – on or off the bbq

  3. Mmmm! These look absolutely delicious and perfect for summer! I have never cooked with pork belly before – but now I have a reason to try!

  4. what a great idea i have never thought of using belly pork on the bbq and making it into kebabs is a genius idea thank you x

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