Why all pet owners should use PetsPyjamas?

Why all pet owners should use PetsPyjamas

Ok, I know what you are thinking now… “Why on earth would I need pet pyjamas?”… You wouldn’t but you might need PetsPyjamas – the website where smart pet lovers go 🙂

PetsPyjamas is the number one lifestyle website for smart pet owners – putting you and your pet at the forefront of everything we do, from providing the very best products and services to arranging your next pet friendly holiday.

There are a lot of aspects to the PetsPyjamas website. It is not just your average online pet shop. You can find in there all sorts of information that you may need relating to your pet, including pet-friendly travel, pet services and a lot of well written articles covering all sort of pet related topics like travel, wellbeing or current trends.

To make PetsPyjamas even more attractive they run a PetPoints scheme. For every purchase you make you are rewarded with points which you can then swop for goodies. I know that a lot of shops run reward schemes like this but here you can actually get something useful without the need for collection your point for ages and ages. You will get 10 PetPoints (more or less) for every £1 spent and the rewards can be redeemed starting for as little as 500 points, which means that your £50 purchase could already yield a free gift…

PetsPyjamas rewards

Actually you get 400 points as a joining bonus so… you do the math 😉

The PetPoints scheme is one thing which makes me want to shop on PetsPyjamas but there is something else which in my humble opinion beats it – shopping by breed. Bunk is giant (as a generic breed only… as an individual dog he is actually on the skinny side), which makes shopping for him rather difficult. So many times I have spotted something I would love to buy for him, only to find out that this particular item is not available in his size. PetsPyjamas gives you an option to shop by breed – for both cats and dogs – which will bring in your search results only items suitable for your selected breed.

PetsPyjamas advanced search

No more getting excited about that nice new collar, which is only available for “cat” sized dogs.

But this isn’t all the things I like about the website. I also like all the additional bonus information which you can find on the PetsPyjamas site, especially all the Pet Services. Currently they have a selection of both pet friendly services and pet friendly places covering:

PetsPyjamas and Pet Services

Every vendor on the website is described in detail and has a review page, so you know exactly what to expect. This really makes life easier, doesn’t it? No more hours of internet searching and checking forums for feedback on that new sitter or groomer you found… now all you need to do is open PetsPyjamas and pick your location.

Have you ever used PetPyjamas?

Did you know that they offered so much more than just an online pet shop?

* Post written in collaboration with PetsPyjamas

24 thoughts on “Why all pet owners should use PetsPyjamas?

  1. never heard of it and I don’t think my cats would let me dress them up in anything. They won’t even let me put on a collar. Glad you enjoyed using the website though 🙂

  2. that’s pawsome! I love “shopping by breed”, that makes it much easier to shop and the poor pup hasn’t to get a cold butt from a dogcoat what was described only with a simple “xl”…and suprise it came too small :o(

  3. Sounds like a great website for pet owners. Though I don’t have pets, I think this website is the best option for smart pet owners with best products & great services as well. I will recommend it to my friends. Thanks for sharing.

  4. What a great site for pet owners who like to pamper their pooch a little. Its great that they have a “search by breed” option so you dont waste your time looking through items that are not relevant to your pet. I will be letting my mum know about this site as she has 2 dogs! x

  5. I have never heard of, nor used Pet PyJamas. I do have a dog and this site looks interesting to me. We do travel a lot so most likely I will check it out and see what they have to offer..it has to be easier than trying to track down pet friendly hotels and attractions.

  6. As I do not have any pets, this website isn’t really relevant to me! However, as my Mum has dogs, I did take a nose at what they had to offer, by using the search to shop by breed as described in your post. I found some very lovely coats that would be perfect for my Mums dogs! She was recently looking for dog coats. So I will be passing the links over to her. I can see from looking at what they offer including pet pushchairs and the reward scheme you mentioned, that this website is more for the pet fanatics than just a general pet owner. It reminded me a lot of Paris Hillton 🙂
    Also I did have a bit of a problem getting on the website as Norton Antivirus kept saying it may be harmful to my computer :-/

    Overall I think this is a fantastic site and I think pet owners will enjoy it!

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