Peach & Banana Yogurt Shake

Lately we find ourselves with an abundance of natural yogurt in the house. We often use yogurt in cooking, especially the natural one but usually it is one spoon here and one spoon there… not a lot of recipes call for a 500ml tub of it or more… except for maybe a mild curry.

So I tried to bake a yogurt cake just a few days ago but it didn’t came out as I would expect or even hope… I suspected it was my fault for adding a blueberry yogurt instead of a natural one, my cake came out looking pretty weird and blueish. Once I have perfected my yogurt blueberry cake I will share it with you for sure.

So back to my yogurt dilemma… too much yogurt and not a lot to do with it… it was time to go back to basics and start mixing some shakes.

Today’s special was a Peach & Banana Yogurt Shake 🙂

Peach & Banana Yogurt ShakeIngredients:

  • 500ml of fat free natural yogurt
  • 100ml of double cream (or a single if preferred or just the milk if you are counting calories)
  • 2 large ripe bananas
  • 2 ripe peaches
  • 1tsp vanilla essence
  • Milk; enough to make the drink as runny as you like


Wash and peel your fruit, then chop them into smaller chunks.

Pop the chopped fruit into a blender, add all the remaining ingredients except the milk and wiz until smooth.

Add the milk slowly until you get just the right consistency you require, I tend to find the thickness of my drinking straws in the cupboard dictate just how runny my shake should be 😉

Pour into glasses and enjoy!

My Peach & Banana Yogurt ShakeThere is no added sugar, which means that if you skip adding the cream you can enjoy a delicious and totally guilt free shake, which will give you a nice refreshing energy boost.

I am thinking that tomorrow’s special shake will be a coffee based one. Happy me as I adore coffee flavour.

Do you like shakes?

How do you make them usually?

Do you use yogurt, milk or ice-creams as a base?

18 thoughts on “Peach & Banana Yogurt Shake

  1. I haven’t made a shake in I can’t even tell you how long. That sounds delicious with those two flavors!

  2. We love yogurt and fromage-based milkshakes, and have tried with many varieties. My guys love them. I don’t add the cream but a good dollop of ice cream.

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