Triple Coloured Pure Fruit Smoothie

My Triple Coloured Pure Fruit SmoothieThis time I have for you a funky looking drink which should appeal to both kids and adults. All we have in the glasses are pure fruits, nothing else, nothing lessโ€ฆ just fruit.

So what do we need?

Well, you will need some fruits, a blender, two empty 200ml glasses and a little bit of patience ๐Ÿ™‚


  • 2 ripe bananas
  • 200g strawberries
  • 2 ripe kiwi


Well, there isnโ€™t a lot to itโ€ฆ you blend each type of fruit, one at the time and slowly add them into your glasses.

I started with bananas as they are the heaviest (I think), then the strawberries and finally kiwi on top.

The trick is to add your blended fruit into the glasses very slowly, otherwise the new fruit puree goes in the middle of the glass and all you can see from the outside is the bottom layer rising upโ€ฆ no funky looking layers at all.

So, just like I said before, be patient and take your time.

Second thing to remember is to wash or at least rinse your blender after each type of fruit, so there is no old colour or bits transferring into the new fruit layer.

I like to drink it without mixing it up. Using a straw I start with the sweet banana, going into fresh strawberries and finishing my drink on a slightly sourer note with the sharp kiwi. Mark, on the other hand prefers to stir it well and drink once all fruit flavours are well mixed.

I am going to experiment with some other fruits and maybe I can create an even better looking set of colourful layers.

I really wish I had a cold press juicer to play with but for this moment I only have a blender so I am a little bit restricted as to what I can do.

Triple Coloured Pure Fruit SmoothieMy Triple Coloured Pure Fruit Smoothie.Top Tip: If you blend to many fruits and they simply do not fit into your glasses, pour them into an ice cream mould to create a pure fruit ice popsicle โ€“ they are truly an amazing refreshment on these long hot sunny days!

Triple Coloured Pure Fruit SmoothieWhat do you think about my triple coloured fruit smoothie?

Do you like the idea?

Triple Coloured Pure Fruit Smoothie

23 thoughts on “Triple Coloured Pure Fruit Smoothie

  1. Love the idea of layering them! Otherwise, it would be…brown. Not too appetizing then! I shared this at my link party, #FoodandFitnessFriday, over the weekend. I hope you will stop by some Friday and add more of your healthy posts!

  2. I never thought about layering smoothies, this is such a great idea! It would be perfect for a theme party and picking fruit that fit the color theme!

  3. We aren’t having much of a summer here atm (rain rain and more rain) so seeing something that looks so bright and summerly is delightful! The straws are so cute!

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