Feline diet or “What your cat should and shouldn’t eat”

Feline diet or What your cat should and shouldn’t eat*Sponsored by Gourmet

Cats like every other creature on the planet have to eat. Wild cats will usually tend to fend for themselves, and survive on what they can find or kill but our house cats can be a little spoilt for choice when it comes to food.

Many pet owners tend to feed their pets with leftovers from the human table. Personally, I am totally against this. Just in case you missed it, cats are not human and in many cases feeding those scraps to your cat can end up doing more harm than good.

The list of foods which you should never feed to your cats:

Onions – they are a big no, no as they can lead to anaemia by breaking down your cat’s red blood cells.

Milk and dairy products – well the stereotypical image of cats drinking milk is wrong! Most cats simply can’t process dairy products and as a result they will end up having digestive problems.

Chocolate – even a small amount of chocolate, especially a dark one with a high content of cocoa can be extremely dangerous for cats.

Cooked bones – yes cats have sharp, strong little teeth but bones can splinter. You can give raw bones to your cat (if you know that the meat is safe and has no weird bacteria on it) so they can eat the leftover meat from it but never, ever feed cooked bones.

Human medicine – intentionally or not your cat should never have any human medicines. If they are poorly take them to the vet, never risk “self-medicating” your cat with your own pills and potions.

Alcohol, grapes, raisins, caffeine, candy, raw eggs – the list go on and on…

So what food should cats eat?

Well, cat food… to answer it shortly.

Cat food manufacturers know best what is good for our furry friends and we should really trust their expertise when it comes to feline food. Cat food is specially formulated to provide all the necessary ingredients, proteins and vitamins needed for our little fluffballs. Dry kibbles or wet food the choice is yours but please stick to the cat food.

Archie, the feline foodie knows best what is and what isn’t good for his fellow cat-kind.

Do you know what is and isn’t good for your cat?

7 thoughts on “Feline diet or “What your cat should and shouldn’t eat”

  1. I hate that milk is bad for cats :-/ my cat begs for milk when someone is eating cereal! They do have cat milk at the grocery store and I once in awhile buy that for my cat… Yes that how bad she begs for milk when she sees it lol….

  2. Obviously, I have never given my cat chocolate (because she’s a cat), but I actually only found out a few months ago that it is dangerous to them as it is to dogs. I knew that about dogs. Yes, I entirely agree – I have never fed my cat human food. & my vet has always said doing so is a common cause of chronic pancreatitis.

  3. I have a siamese cat and i didn’t know that the milk was bad for them :(i always bring milk for him every morning .

  4. I did know these since I’ve had cats since I was a baby 🙂 I love all of the information that is out there regarding how to feed our kitties since a lot of people have never owned a cat!

  5. I didn’t know milk was bad for cats! I sometimes give a bowl of milk to mine as a treat. Going to stop now, gosh! xx

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