The cat that wants to be a dog

Meet Mr. Ginger – A cat with a dog complex.

Mr. Ginger

Mr. GingerI really believe he wants to be a dog! Every now and then he will take a morning walk with us. While still on the village close to the street, he will walk to heel together with the dogs, just like there is an imaginary, invisible lead to keep him in line. Once we are on the field, he likes to discover new things, same as Lilly and Bunk. Sniffing plants and checking out what’s under the trees or a bush seems to be a highlight of his trip with us.

Mr Ginger is a big, strong kitty. He loves boxes, suitcases and all types of bags, he can fit into… or not. Often he will hide in various baskets around the house for his afternoon nap. But, his favourite sleeping place – at least during the day and evening – is a dog bed in the front room or Lilly’s throne in the conservatory. If he takes up position in the dogs’ bed or on Lilly’s chair they will just let him be. I never have seen Lilly or Bunk try to push him off … except for one time when Bunk “accidently” sat on top of him.

Mr. Ginger

Mr. Ginger rules the animal world in our house – or at least he thinks so. He is pushy and in your face. He will fight for what he wants and he is always visible out there. Not a quiet type, that’s for sure… but in his heart he is a kind and loving kitty 😉

Few facts about Mr. Ginger:

–          His favourite house exit / entrance – master bedroom window, especially at 3am just before having an extra crunchy mid night snack on the window sill

–          He has some sort of covert deal with the dogs as every so often he will help them to steal food from places where dogs cannot reach by moving the food to a place they can, and then helping them scoff it all thus removing any evidence of the crime… though they often forget to hide the wrappers!

–          Sharing is in his blood, especially freshly hunted pray, which he will leave for us outside to discover in the morning, or if he hunted something special, he will try to bring it home (via our bedroom window)

Mr. Ginger

16 thoughts on “The cat that wants to be a dog

  1. Mr Ginger is so cool! Ginger cats are my favourites! I use to have one called O’Malley, he was the sweetest, most loving cat I’d ever had. He once bought home a pigeon he’d caught, it was so big hanging from his mouth that he couldn’t walk properly, it was so comical! I now have a German Shepherd who prefers to chase cats! I’d hoped to have another cat but it seems I’ve left it too late and my Mutley dog wouldn’t be having any of that now! 😉

  2. Sounds like a topical indoor/outdoor cat, hunting for prey, checking things out to play or for dinner. I think it’s neat that he walks a heel with the dogs. He has found a way for fresh air and not being left behind 🙂

      1. I understand, and our Minx (blk cat) who use to have my son for constant company and a rescue cat (who has since past) is now lonely since my son moved out. She would love to cuddle all day. She needs to be more independent 😉

  3. Maybe there is something about gingers. We got ‘adopted’ by one in Namibia while we were on a camping trip and he literally travelled across Africa with us. He would also go for long walks with me.

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