Newfoundland gloop art – act 1

Newfies are awesome. They are simply the best dogs ever and I am sure every Newfie owner will tell you the same, but… and there is always a but… they can be very gloopy at times…

Gloop is unpredictable and you can find it in the least expected places – like for example on your kitchen ceiling, or brand new jumper you so carefully tried to hide from the dog in order to avoid getting “glooped”…

Despite this they are still the best dogs ever!

Every now and then instead of getting gloop all over the house, car, or whatever place he is in, Bunk will decorate himself … some of his art is just so “pretty” so I decided to share an example with you.

This is my favourite so far.

What do you think; small but stylish? :-)
What do you think; small but stylish? 🙂

0 thoughts on “Newfoundland gloop art – act 1

  1. Our newfie had gloop more like cement, and even 6 years after we had to put him down sadly we still find his gloop cemented to the walls when we move furniture.

  2. Bunk is fantastic! Hendrix, a black lab, also has a gloop problem, so I understand your gloopy issues! He also manages to get the slime right up there between his eyes! Delightful!

    Have a lovely week!

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