Newfoundland gloop art – act 3

This time Bunk has gone for the minimalistic gloopy teardrop look.

He created this at the end of our morning walk with a little shake… It looks to me like a teardrop, like he wanted to say “Mum, please can we stay for a bit longer” while staring at other dogs still playing on the field.

I felt so mean….

Newfoundland gloop art – act 3

9 thoughts on “Newfoundland gloop art – act 3

  1. Buck gets the ‘eye boogers’ all of the time, too! Especially his first time out in the morning! He waits very patiently while I wipe them away! With his allergies, he is always getting his eyes or nose wiped, not to mention the foot long drool streamers!! lol Love your pup!

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