Foods Of The World – Sri Lanka – Cantaloupe and Blueberry Salad

World Foods – Sri Lanka – Cantaloupe and Blueberry Salad

By Amila Wickramarachchi from Food Corner

Who doesn’t like a refreshing salad in a hot summer day?

This Cantaloupe and Blueberry salad is a really simple and quick dessert I tried with some yogurt and honey over it. Specially during a hot summer day, having a healthy snack with some fruits is a perfect idea and melons come to my mind first. I have tried many recipes with different melon types and this is one of the easiest and quickest desserts I have ever tried!

World Foods - Sri Lanka - Cantaloupe and Blueberry Salad

I used a melon baller to scoop cantaloupe, but it is not necessary. Instead use a fruit knife and cut cantaloupe into small bite size cubes of similar size. Taste of blueberries was really good with cantaloupe balls and yogurt added some rich smooth flavor to it. I used natural low fat yogurt to keep it healthier.

World Foods – Sri Lanka - Cantaloupe and Blueberry Salad

Over the fruits, I added some fresh lime juice. Lime juice gave a good flavor to this salad. Once honey is drizzled over, it looked perfect and delicious. I couldn’t wait until I finish the whole bowl.

Below is the simple and quick recipe for Cantaloupe and Blueberry Salad. Try this when you are in need for a snack or a dessert in a hot summer day!

Ingredients (Serves 2):

  • ½ of a Cantaloupe
  • 1 cup Blueberries
  • 1 cup Natural yogurt
  • Honey to drizzle
  • 1 tsp. Lime juice


First scoop melon with a melon baller (or cut into cubes)

In a bowl, mix cantaloupe balls together with blueberries and lime juice.

Add natural yogurt over it.

Drizzle over some honey as per taste.

Cantaloupe and blueberry dessert is ready to serve.

Mix other fruits together with cantaloupe balls for different tastes.


World Foods - Sri Lanka – Cantaloupe and Blueberry Salad

About the author:
Amila Wickramarachchi is a Food Blogger who loves to share her recipes and moments of the culinary journey in her Food Blog Food Corner. Food Corner is mainly a collection of Sri Lankan recipes; however there are recipes from other lands as well as other kitchen related posts.

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  1. That’s an interesting combination but i have to admit it does look yummy.. I shall try this out.. Thank you for sharing..

  2. OMG!!!!! I so am gonna make this for my fast breaking time 😀 Perfect low fat yet yummiest dessert for the taste buds 😀 loved it x

  3. i very recently learnt that this melon is also called cantaloupe. always call them rock melon. hahaha! looks like a very yummy recipe! will try out if i have the chance to.

  4. Love blueberries, I have them most days. Love honey and yoghurt but not sure about the melon but I guess I could substitute for a different fruit? Very healthy and refreshing though!

  5. im just starting to enjoy fruit again after being allergic to fresh fruit for over 15 years, for some reason i can eat it again, maybe as ive grown older the allergy has dissapeared but im loving melon and berries x

  6. We love melon here but rarely add it to anything as we’re mainly juicing at the moment.I think the kids would like this as an afternoon treat after school.

  7. I just finished eating blueberries should have waited before consuming them all to try out this recipe. Maybe next time x

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