Homemade Blueberry Ice Lollies

My Homemade Blueberry Ice LolliesHot weather and high temperatures very often call for a cold treat being somewhere within easy reach. Yes, of course we can pop to the store and simply purchase a selection of ice-creams but what about making them from scratch?

And no, you don’t have to own an ice cream making machine to be able to make your own ice cream… well if I can call my ice lollies ice cream… I guess they are sort of icy and creamy 🙂

Anyway, lately I am experimenting with frozen desserts a little bit. I have already shared with you my papaya & orange ice lolly, which were just pure blended fruit with natural juice – a super extra healthy option… today’s blueberry lollies aren’t as forgiving but still I would dare to claim they are healthier than most shop bought ice creams.

So what will you need?

Well, ingredients wise you need:

  • 500ml pot of natural fat free yogurt
  • 400g tin of light condensed milk
  • 800g blueberries

To add to this you will need a blender, ice lollies mould and well… a freezer… surprise, surprise…


Wash and towel dry a little your berries.

Pour the yogurt and condensed milk into the blender; add blueberries and blend.

You can either blend all the berries or keep some back and add them into your finished mixture later on – I added some whole berries into our lollies but I will blend them all in the future. The whole berries help keep the ice lollies frozen for a bit longer so they aren’t defrosting in a jiffy. If that is not a problem for you as you eat quickly then you might as well skip the whole barriers part and simple wiz them all into a lovely “smoothie” ready for freezing.

Once all the fruit is blended and you have a smooth mixture, simply pour your mixture into the ice lollies moulds and then pop them into the freezer.

Allow for at least four hours of freezing time… then dig in… or lick on 😉

Homemade Blueberry Ice LolliesHomemade Blueberry Ice LollyDo you make your own ice lollies?

What are your favourite flavours or combinations?

9 thoughts on “Homemade Blueberry Ice Lollies

  1. These look delicious, I’ve mode froyo in the past but haven’t added condensed milk. Would be interesting to see how this affects the texture! Thanks for sharing 🙂

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