What’s cooking – Quick and Easy Stir Fry

Stir Fry

Stir fry is an easy, fairy cheap, healthy and very tasty dinner option.

Shopping list:

–          2 basic packs of stir fry from your chosen supermarket

–          1 red pepper

–          Few mushrooms

–          1 onion

–          1 pack of stir fry sauce of your liking, we used Szechuan

–          1 pack of noodles

–          500g of meat, we used pork belly

I did my shopping at Morrisons and all ingredients come to £8.46 (pork belly was on some sort of special offer, that is why it won in race over chicken breast and turkey). This dinner will feed 4 people. Not counting meat cooking time, it will take me about 15 min from start to finish.

Pre heat your oven into 200 degrees, so it is ready for meat to be cook. Cut your pork belly into small bite sized cubes and cook in a casserole dish with lid for about 45mins and then remove the lid for another 45mins. If you decided to use chicken or turkey instead, they can be fried just before you are ready to cook your stir fry so no earlier cooking necessary. Meat like pork belly can be cooked in advance, so it is ready whenever you are.

Just before dinner time, chop the pepper, mushrooms and onion so they are ready to go when their time comes.

Once your meat is cooked and all additional vegetables chopped you are ready to start with your stir fry.

Make sure that your wok is sizzling hot.

Start with your main stir-fry base from 2 packs you bought earlier, add all other vegetables you chopped and stir constantly. After few minutes of cooking, add the noodles. After an additional few minutes, add the meat and sauce. Once everything is hot and it looks nicely done, serve and enjoy. Be careful not to overcook everything otherwise it will turn into a mush, it will still taste nice but your eyes will not be happy!


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