The main reason why you can’t ride a dog

The dog is not a horse, nor is he a camel or a donkey!

The dog is not built to be ridden.

The dog is not built to carry weight.

The dogs’ spine and bones are not designed to be used as a mean of transport!

The dog is not a horse… did I mention that?

There, there you have it!

Gerroff No you can not ride a dog

Owning a large breed usually means a ton of questions, every day on every walk… Owning a Newfoundland will mean even more questions…

“No, he is not a black St. Bernard”

“No, he doesn’t eat kids, or cats or any other animals”

“No, he is not a bear”

and so on and so on… but the most common question by far is “Can you ride him?” At the beginning we were answering “Sure, but you need a special saddle”; it didn’t even cross my mind that someone might take it seriously until one day…

This one man wanted to know all about the special saddle, he thought it would be perfect for his fat and over grown Labrador. This was the moment when I realised that he is not joking and he really does want his 3 year old to be able to ride a dog! This started a whole new lecture as I wanted to make sure he understands that YOU CAN’T RIDE A DOG! NEVER, EVER!

It is very important to understand that dogs are not built in the same way as horses. Even giant breeds are NOT to be ridden. Their bones simply can’t take it.

It makes me cross when I see pictures of kids riding dogs floating on Facebook and most people thinks it is funny and cute. It really is not! Not only can your child can get hurt but most of all you can seriously hurt your dog – from broken spine, to joint and knee problems… dogs are not to be ridden!

* Big thank you to Jokers Masquerade for providing me with a Dog Rider costume.

21 thoughts on “The main reason why you can’t ride a dog

  1. Great post – I grew up with a St Bernard and ADORE big dogs. Newfoundlands are gorgeous – why would anyone think you can ride a dog? Kaz x

  2. Maybe the fact that his poor lab was over weight says it all really. I find the pics they put in the media, especially the newspapers totally wrong, even if they have been Photoshop-ed, it’s still wrong and they should be banded.

  3. What a fabulous dog, he looks awesome – beautiful too! I grew up with labs and never once would we have considered riding one. Seems common sense but for some obviously it isn’t!

  4. oh he looks cute, when i was small my mums friends came to visit us and she bought Newfoundland puppy for her son, he was so cute but i was extremely scared of him)

  5. me too! that’s NOT cute or a reason to scream AWWW! I always feel sorry for the dogs and I can’t believe that people say “thats funny”. The best about a Newfoundland I read at Mica’s blog: can they really run? asked them a girl at a store :o)

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