New neighbours? No, thanks! – My #PetHates

New neighbours? No, thanks! – My #PetHatesMore Th>n Insurance are working with The RSPCA to aid unwanted and neglected pets. For every pet insurance policy sold, More Th>n will donate £20 to The RSPCA to help them in their cause.

I was asked to support this campaign and to help raise awareness of its existence by sharing my #PetHates with you.

How could I say no?

There are so many pets in need and £20 is a lot of money compared to the usual 20p or 50p companies tend to donate from each product or service sold.

I love the idea of helping others by helping yourself. As I am sure we have all come to realise with the staggeringly high vet costs now a days that pet insurance is a necessity so why not help yourself and share some love with some less fortunate animals at the same time?

I was thinking long and hard about one pet hate which would stand out from others. Lilly is quite easy going and she doesn’t really hate anything, Bunk being like a big child gets puffy and grumpy when things don’t go his way but most of the time he is scared of things instead of hating them the gentle giant syndrome, Ode lives in his own little world and sometimes I really think he hates everyone and everything around him, this left me with Mr Ginger…

New neighbours? No, thanks! - My #PetHatesMr Ginger is an easy going, happy and super friendly ginger tom cat… he loves most things and most people and leads a contented and stress free lifestyle whilst doing what he wants when he wants… so by anyone’s standards life was good… I say was good because one day our neighbours bought home a tiny, fluffy ball of fur which grew up to be a stunningly good looking, handsome and moody Russian Blue called Harry…

Mr Ginger life was over as we knew it!

No longer could he lounge in the neighbour garden, nor could he any longer take care of their bird population as he was basically made redundant, no longer could he sneak in to their house to see if any tasty treats could be ninja-ed and worst or all he was no longer the most handsome kitty on the block!

The war began!

New neighbours? No, thanks! - My #PetHatesDays spent glaring at each other from the driveway, tons of practise of hissing, yowling and an excellent yoga style work out with arched backs. It’s fair to say he hated the new kid on the block. As the weeks went by an uneasy truce was established as geopolitics brought about a peace treaty but it is unstable to say the least and could break down at any moment… tensions run high.

I am sure in time they will grow to love each other, after all what’s wrong with giving peace a chance 😉

Does your pet have any hates?

Have you ever had to assist in a local feud?

13 thoughts on “New neighbours? No, thanks! – My #PetHates

  1. Such a great campaign, and oh no about your cat and his feud! My dogs hate all other dogs, wish they’d learn to just get over it because the barking drives me mad! lol x

  2. Welly cats ate very laid back until they are near one another, pip, the 18 month year old boy cat, attacks felix, our 15 year old girl cat, whenever she is near him and the hissing begins. It’s sage to say he wants to play but she just hates him to the absolute core.

  3. My Husky Rosso hates the kid next door, he loves the adults of the house but the teenage boy gets a right telling off every time he walks past the hedge that separates our gardens. The boy does have words with him and Rosso backs down, no idea what it is because I’m sure if they met in person Rosso would be at his feet waiting for strokes. Funny things pets and how wonderful that £20 will be donated every time someone takes out pet insurance, I need to renew ours so I will definitely check more than out.

  4. That is a great sounding campaign! I don’t have a dog as live in an apartment so no room to have one but got three dogs back at my dads place in America.

  5. My Charlie rabbit hates the hoover with a passion! I have never seen a rabbit get so aggressive at anything in my life. He is a gentle ball of fluff until you turn on the hoover….then run and hide! Lovely post!!

  6. we got a new neighbor once named Lucky… it was a chihuahua-mix, as small as a guinea pig. our huskies hated this guy and because he couldn’t mess with them he bit my mom in her ankle( seriously, she needed stitches), what a mean stinker :o)

I love all comments :-)